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Hi everyone, 

Well here is to a new beginning but where do i start lol, walking around the yard the last few days and trying to figure out where i should start a vege patch or three ???? BUT i do know, where i would like to put my passion vine!  So it can grow over my old pergola - the steel frame is too good to throw away but the material is ripping and ready to dump   :-(  


i am going to take out most of these plants in the above left picture , fix up the soil and plant passion fruit where this palm is in the above right picture, once i dig it out, move it or compost it ? ..this yard has a few palms, so im sure it wont miss one or three of them....

and as for this wasteland - stupid oval garden, that takes up most of the bottom lawn - i was going to turn it into a vege garden but i think that palms tree will suck up most of water! and as for the plants to the right of this oval, i just want to rip them out! - there not eatable; i dont think and they look ugly. heehee.....can you spot the mango tree at the back of this mess-) 







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Comment by Vanessa Thompson on June 30, 2014 at 20:28

thanks Kirsty. 

Comment by Vanessa Thompson on May 20, 2014 at 10:28

Oooo the red papaya sounds nice and nice n easy to grow...ill keep that in my wishlist! thanks elaine and florence {about those palms roots, i think most of those creeping roots are from the palm tree and the roots coming from the right are from something else ?} that ground is rock hard, or i would investigate more} 

Comment by Vanessa Thompson on May 20, 2014 at 10:25

ps the back fence is a clear line from the little garage {i can just walk around that sheed that is nothing but concrete} so all those trees are the neighbours. 

Comment by Vanessa Thompson on May 20, 2014 at 10:19

o wow - yeap thats my yard but most if not all of those trees are no longer here... where you can see that big palm in the middle of the pic, that had been lopped and now just a tall stump, {thats a little bed, with the two small palms, that ive finish fixing up, and ripping everything out of it! ALL ready for my passion fruit and a few herbs to go in there for BBQ} ...

if you look closely at google view, you might be able to spot 5 palms, that are now, just as tall, as the one that got lopped ... the only real tree that is left in the back yard is the mango tree and a few shrubs and whats in the oval garden and a couple of other odd plants dashed here and there...there are two maybe 3 trees out front and a few other plants. but that big tree out the front is no longer there! 

On the left side i have nothing growing along that side!, except some creeper and a few things in pots {which im going to rip out and compost} On the right hand side there are only two palms trees and a couple of shrubs, {the shrubs need a tidy up and ill cut them down to the height of the fence} and there is only a mango tree and a palm along the back fence and all that odd stuff, in the oval garden.... there is a small garden off the porch, with a huge pony tail plant and some odd plants {which im to to tidy up and rip some of those plants out and put my worm farm in der - shade and ease of access for kitchen} THATS IT FOLKS heehee. 

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on May 20, 2014 at 0:24

I'm trying to give us a look at the yard we are dealing with here.  Seems like a lot of trees in the back. I wonder if Vanessa can give us some feedback on whether I am gauging the yard right, and where the back fence is.  

Comment by Florence on May 19, 2014 at 16:16

I agree if you haven't tried the red papaya, give it a go... I don't like the yellow paw paw, but don't mind the red papaya ~ I regret not planting it when we first moved into this rental... we stayed longer than we expected, and it would have be fruited by now... ^^

Regarding the palm roots... there maybe different root systems on different palm?  The golden cane palms next door to my mum certainly have lots of dense fibrous roots sucking up all the water and nutriets... we ended up moving the veggie patches...

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on May 19, 2014 at 13:34

Macaranga … maybe. The Google Images pages show a lot of different leaves. Wiki suggests it could be the one I'm thinking of anyway - it's not going to be edible!
If you were thinking of trying Paw Paw I would go for the Red Papaya. Not easy to grow from seed but worth the effort for the sensationally-sweet and perfumed fruit when home grown.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on May 19, 2014 at 13:31

Ah Vanessa … 'cold' and 'hot' compost is all to do with the micro-organisms inhabiting the mix. Little to do with siting the heap. Although keeping rain out of it and keeping it insulated is a big help to the microbes munching away inside.
You could make a semi-permanent compost bed wherever it's convenient. The Banana Circle idea or the African raised bed idea are similar and could be permanent or not depending on how it works for you.
Or you can just have each soon-to-be garden bed as your compost area, chop and drop and be sure to bury kitchen scraps well. No meat or dairy, either attracts vermin. Just cover each layer with (for example) Sugarcane mulch or grass clippings. When it's done enough you can add some potting mix and have yourself a great little garden. Then move on to another spot. Composting-in-situ has many guises ;-)

Comment by Vanessa Thompson on May 19, 2014 at 9:56

I am going to chop those Dracaena down to knee height and use the cuttings as a ground cover of sorts, for that oval garden. {still contemplating, if i should make that oval garden smaller, and turn half of back to lawn?} 

As for the heart shaped tree, {is it a Macaranga?} i used Lissa and Elaine descriptions,to search out google for a look a like and saw that, it is no shrub im going to ask the landlord where he wants it planted or if he wants to pick it up or its getting composted. heehee.

hey rob, none of my household like pawpaws ;-(  but once i get established i might grow a plant or two, just so i can add pawpaw too smoothies.  As for the compost bed, it wont be a permanent compost bed, as that area only gets the morning sun, {so would be considered a cold compost area} i just want to try and get it composted up, ready for a summer garden bed....thinking of putting a water tank in the corner/back ? {have to save up for a tank first lol} 

Comment by Rob Walter on May 18, 2014 at 17:12

If you like pawpaws, Vanessa, I think they're a fantastic rental property plant. If you plant in October you can expect to pick fruit by the end of the summer or at least all through the next summer. That proposed compost bed around the side would be a good location, depending on the orientation. Which way does that face?

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