Whats in the ground at my place.

Thought I would share what ive got going on at my place. I have trees spread out a bit in different areas and half my trees are 2 -3 years old. The rest have been added incrementaly over those years. Ill grab some photos on the weekend when i'm home in the daylight.On the top side of my drive i have a wampie , 2 longans, 2 lychees, 2 soursops, a hicks mulberry, a white mulberry, a kp mango, 3 avocados lambhass,sirprize and pinkerton ( recently planted) a couple of large leaf jaboticabas and small leaf, 4 gruminchinas (2 black 2 orange) dragonfruit 2 passionfruit vines black genoa and prolific figs 3 young berries and 2 loganberries and a few moringas along with lilly pilly that was here originally.On the other side of my drive is a strip about 600mm wide that runs for about 10metres. Here we have parsley,thyme,oragano,chives,rosemary society garlic, aloe, sage,lemongrass ,mint,okinawa spinach and mushroom plant and a lovely hibiscus.On our front boundary between house and road, and pool and road. I have 3 yellow jaboticaba, 3 more large leaf and 4 more small leaf jabos, 3 black sapote, 2 braz cherry, 5 cherry guavas, a jackfruit, cannistel, ice cream bean,fejoa,olive,tahitian lime, kaffir lime,valencia orange, imperial mandarin,meyer lemon, 2 peanut butter fruit,abiu,sapodilla, cavendish and pisang ceylon bananas, 4 dwarf coconuts (2 gold 1 bronze 1 green) and a gruminchina and 5metre high lemon myrtle.Between the lawn and my work shed we have some huge bamboo (java black and buddah) another gruminchina a white and pink guava a loquat and tamarind.Behind the granny flat is a 4metre panama berry that was planted in december as a tiny 150mm plant. 3 red papaws, 2 achachas , a dwarf red mulberry, miricle fruit and acerola cherry and a few more moringas down near my shed. Off the granny flat are some posts with muscadine grapes growing up them which will be a pergola next year as they reach the top.In tubs i have water celery and kang kong.In pots i have dwarf blood orange and ruby red grapefruit.Wow it seems like a lot when i write it all down.I will be planting chilacayote, warrigal greens, luffa, winged beans,pidgen pea and welsh bunching onoins.Further down the track i would like to dig a large pond to grow water veges and for Rachel and myself to do yoga and taichi next to.My 4 ducks are khaki cambells and 2 started laying a couple of weeks ago. 2 of them still a bit young, but we had 9 last week so a good start.My chooks , have 2 brown and 2 blue leghorns, 2 australorps and 2 rhode island reds. Only one australorp is laying 5 a week, the rest still not old enough yet.My last animal is a big greatdane cross mastiff,staghound that is my gardening helper, can dig me hole in no time.Well thats about it i'll get some photos on the weekend.Doug
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  • You were one of our "silent watchers" Doug lol. What made you come out of the woodwork and sign up to BLF in the end?

  • Hi Janet, I have a few different areas fenced off mainly to protect the cooks from my dog, she was a pup from pig hunting dogs and is the most placid thing around people and other dogs but will hunt and kill any other animal. We can't let her out at night because she kills possums. Sounds like she's savage but I can pull bones from her mouth without a sound from her, just has that hunting instinct.

    Thanks Dianne,

    I have grown Vegas in the past but have found I struggle to have the time to tend to them. I am growing perennial greens and have planted a few Vegas such as perennial capsicums and Thai pink tomatoes. I have read all blogs for the last few years and have learnt a lot from them.

  • Good Morning Doug, Your garden sounds fantastic and I am sure our members would love to visit some time for a Garden Visit if you are up to it. I will send you a Personal Message regarding this.

    You certainly have it covered with your Fruit Trees, Chooks and Ducks. Do you grow your own vegetables? Links -  Autumn 2017, Winter Part 2 2016 ,  Winter 2016  These are a couple of Links to What I have in my garden. I do have a few things coming from Daley's end June/July so I will have to get ready for planting those soon.

  • You have an impressive garden Doug. Do you have a fence for the swimming pool and another fenced area for the chooks? The latter is a great idea.

  • yes I am scared to look at the Daleys website ( my wish list is far longer than economics allow but will look now havet had notification that they are in - we have several black ones and were trying to make hedge of them around the duck pen but most died in the long dry spell ! we get good plants from VaVeems at Elimbah too if you are ever over this way and the Caboolture markets , was meant to go this morning but didnt get up in time ,  need some advice from the boss cause I need to lay down some rules too ! Col keeps planting garden beds especially vegies and doesnt mind weeds but they really set me off! 

  • I have to say the reason everything is pretty organised in the garden is because that was on of the stipulations the boss laid down before i started planting. I have 100-150mm of wood chip and forest mulch over everything and pretty much never see a weed. I'm lucky to have a mini articulated mini loader that helps moving mulch around.
    I did get the sir prize from oxley as they had the best looking avos that i have seen, its also a b type. I have always loved coconut juice, nothing better than sipping on ice cold coconut on a beach in thialand. I really want another mamey sapote to replace the one that died as i love the taste of them. Mary-Anne daleys do have yellow jabos atm. They must just rub there hands together when they see another order from me.
    I have got some stuff from oxley nursery, plant outlet ot willawong and templex nursery over near algester on beaudesert road, some of these places have grumichamas.
  • wow what a great selection of trees and a lot of hard work in keeping everything so neat and tidy - can give you many different type of weeds !  -inspired to get some cocnuts growing ! and  quite envious have had yellow jabotacaba and grumichamas on order from Daleys for nearly a year now and no luck ! 

  • You did well with the photos Doug, your trees have lots of space to grow and it looks like you have bark chips and mulch under the trees.  Everything looks tidy and neat.  The Sir Prize Avo is one that does not go brown when cut, great for guacomole.  Did you buy it from that Oxley Nursery that has the different avocado varieties to sell.   The dwarf coconuts interest me, they look quite healthy as well.  The pisang ceylon banana is one that tempts me but I have run out of land for now.

    Are there any trees that are on your 'to get' list.  Keep up the good work, it would be nice to see photo's of the rarer fruit when you harvest them. 

  • Wow - that looks fantastic mate.  I'm very jealous of the size of your yard.

  • My Lychee performed well when small and then virtually stopped producing for a few years. Looked like it finally had a crop when I sold the house last December...figures. Longans seemed to do better in this area from feedback from others.

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