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This Blog has proved to be popular in the past, for many reasons - It allows Members to hear about your New Planting, Planned Plantings and Programme of Dealing with Unwelcome Visitors to the Garden. as well as Fertilizing etc. A Blog where if you have a Question, Answer or Suggestion, it is hoped you will get a good response.

I myself had a big change in the Front Garden which is evident in my, Blog and response.

I know these are not technically edibles but they just looked too pretty in the garden not to share. The 1st is Petrea volubilis, Petrea kohautiana. Family: Verbenaceae Common name: Queen's Wreath, Sandpaper Vine, Purple Wreath, Blue Bird Vine, ...

The is 2nd Lamarque Bred by Marechal, France, 1830, Noisette rose

What I haven't said in those Blogs is that it is time for me to Fertilize my Citrus, I will do this with some of our own Compost and a Fruit Trees Fertilizer in the ECO range (Organic). I will also add Fertilizer to all other Fruit Trees, (except newly planted ones and those less than a year planted which I will use Seaweed and Worm Juice on).

I have found an excellent site for growing Fruit Trees in Extreme & Other Conditions and though it is not for our country I found it very useful,

I will stop waffling on now...Keep Those Green Fingers, Green

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Comment by Dianne Caswell on November 28, 2016 at 19:55

It's 3 days until Summer begins though I feel as though it has been here for a while. We desperately need rain and apart from a little one day after Roger's GV we have had none. One tank is empty but we still have 6,000Lts left. Please do a Rain Dance for those of us who need it.

What a Week End I have had, cleaning out and cutting off dead leaves on plants in the Bag Gardens. Cleaned up the Eggplants and Artichokes, they are growing beautifully.

Fertilized and topped up the Fruit Trees in pots with Compost as well as those in the ground. Did a big clean up around the Kitchen Herb Garden and Alfresco Dining Area (Posh Hey!!!), we have a Cadagi Gum in the yard behind us and boy does it make a mess.

We have had a couple of Firsts in the garden - The Artichokes have started to poke through, - we have one tiny little Pomegranate Wonderful - and 2 Baby Fruits and more Flowers on our Babaco, - as well as Flowers on our Mexican Guava.

This is the 1st of the Artichokes to pop up.

Tomorrow is the best day to Weed the Garden (by Moon Gardening), so get out there with the tools or snippers to Snip and Leave.

I have an order coming from Daley's this week and a couple of the Trees are ones I have had on order for years. One is Jujube - Chico, Olive - Frantoio,  Guava Hawaiian - Pink Supreme  and  Lime - West Indian, I am so excited to be planting these, I will let you all know how the progress. 


Comment by Dianne Caswell on November 2, 2016 at 8:21

Hasn't the weather been beautiful, such a wonderful time to be in the garden, not just to work but also to just find a quiet spot to sit and ponder. It would be nice to see some rain come our way. I feel Spring is proving to be a little more like the it used to be, reasoning - because my Azaleas are still flowering and the Spring flowers, Delphiniums, Larkspurs and many others are not only still flowering but sending up new flower spikes, the temperatures are also kinder, we just need RAIN.

Everyone has been so busy in the garden, and we all seem to be planting quite a variety of plants. We will have a lot to talk about at Roger's GV. Until then keep us up to date with your gardening news, some of us need a little inspiration to motivate on occasions. Happy Gardening!!!

Comment by Cathie MacLean on November 2, 2016 at 6:59
It is so helpful to read what other gardeners right around me are doing right now. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write it down! I have been busy just keeping water up to my plants in this dry period. My purple bean tower was producing magnificently but has succumbed to something that has dried and yellowed the leaves so that is finished. I have planted snake beans against a fence trellis to take over for the hot season but need to plant more. I soaked the seeds and read after I had planted them that they are prone to drowning so only about a third came up. I have a couple of strong tromboncini seedlings about to climb but I have had very good success with my various squash over the last couple of months due to frequent sprays with my lacto serum. It works so well to strengthen them against the powdery mildew . Very very happy. The little mildew eating beetles are doing their part as well, little darlings. I have Boston pickling cucumbers scurrying up the trellis, also fighting p.mildew but producing the perfect size cukes for a salad - I have them planted in self watering styro boxes and the constant access to water has made a huge difference in their productivity.
I have bowls full of tomatoes on the kitchen counter but all the plants need to be pulled out now and replaced with others in a different spot. I wonder if it was the mites that got them in the end. Suspecting I should have sprayed them with something. In any case I used exclusion bags on the biggest bunches and the some fruit fly lures since early September and managed to harvest some magnificently flavoured (name unknown) flavoured heirloom tomatoes from seed I was given by an old gentleman at a community garden once. I have given some of the seed away at GVs - Elaine's I think - so some of you may be growing it also. I will save more if others are interested. I'm about to order fruit fly netting to cover one of those lightweight plastic greenhouses and will grow four tomato bushes in it - an experiment - during the summer.
This turned into a big post... And I'm not half done. I have to find an easy quick way to resize my photos and then I'll start a blog as many of you do.
Comment by Sophie on November 1, 2016 at 19:08
GA Nov 16 Mag, p..71: plant arrowroot for shade in chook run. Spray milk on curcurbits (1:9). Keep asparagus watered and mulched. Also supermoon Mon 14 Nov :)
Comment by Andrew Cumberland on November 1, 2016 at 15:00

Lots of mulching.  Also am adding seaweed and trace elements.

Comment by Sophie on October 23, 2016 at 16:05
Well done Dianne, mammoth effort! I've been digging up the rest of the verge and mulching heavily. Wholesome hard work!
Comment by Dianne Caswell on October 22, 2016 at 16:23

Today I cleaned and trimmed up the tomato plants, followed by some fertilizer. Have had a couple of orders from Daley's that I have been waiting on forever, so there is a big weekend ahead for planting. Yesterday we planted out an Finger Lime - Atherton microcitrus australasica, an Australian Round Lime 'Dooja' 'Gympie Lime' citrus australis, a drafted Loquat Nagasakivase eriobotrya japonica

Tomorrow I will plant out a Lime - Kassia citrus macrocarpa & a Lemom - Eureka citrus limon 'Eureka' into a couple of wooden copy wine barrels I have been gifted by a neighbour. As well as a Tomato Santorini solanum lycopersicum, this is a Greek tomato that is said to need next to no watering, this was a freebie from Daley's. We also have a Pepper - Black piper nigrum, this is the commercial pepper vine from South Asia, fingers crossed it does well.

Today Graham nailed the reo to the lattice (that had to be pulled down when the shed went in) you can see it in the picture above in front of the water tank.The Grape Vines are growing well and today I put in some bamboo stakes to try and train them to go to the frame.

Well now that I have exhausted myself thinking about the work ahead, I will go and think about dinner.    

Comment by Sophie on October 18, 2016 at 6:49
GA's Organic Gardener mag Oct 2016 says prune brazillian spinach, plant lemon verbena, aloe, lemongrass, cukes, choko. Jerry CW says control catepillars with soapy water, feed natives, rock dust to fruit trees, liquid potash to roses and mangoes. I'm just happy it rained last night ;)
Comment by Lissa on October 18, 2016 at 4:45

At the end of winter I went around with composted horse poo and topped up garden beds and fruit trees. Then I add a layer of grass clippings - either from the composting pile that was outside my house (courtesy of mower man Brad) or fresh clippings direct from a mow. I find this a wonderful free mulch for the beds. I don't find it water repellent as some people have claimed.

The raised beds have had all the cool weather plants that have reached the end of their life span cut into pieces and left in the beds. These have been top dressed with the remains of the composted horse poo and the pile of beautiful compost in the back yard - the result of grass clippings cold composting for some years and mixed with the horse poo for potato growing.

I add Organix Xtra (phosphorus), some deco (potassium), some basalt (calcium iron), some potash (potassium), some dolomite (calcium and magnesium) and perhaps some epsom salts (magnesium). I'm not scientific about quantities or using all of the above. I might get better results if I was!

The earthworms in the beds do the rest. They break down the organic material very quickly.

I plant directly into the top dressing layer as soon as my heart desires.

Comment by Susan on October 17, 2016 at 21:07

I am planning for heaps of melons.  I have bought Charentais seeds again and have them planted, some self harvested toadskin melons, moon and stars watermelon, Ananas (supposed to be a rockmelon with yellow flesh, mine ended up being green fleshed and almost honeydewish but nicer) and a cream of Saskatchewan watermelon.  Have the Tromboncino to cover me on the Zucc front and my cucumbers looking good.  Have started my corn successive plantings - planted some about 6 - 8 weeks ago, pollen stalks seen today, seeds planted 2 weeks ago are now little seedlings and I'm about to rip out and refurbish a brassica bed for the next lot of corn seeds.  We LOVE corn in this house.  Making sure I'm keeping the water up to all my citrus -> good watering once per week unless there's been decent rain.   Also just ripped out all my sweet peas, hollyhocks about to go and alyssum needs to be tidied up and then it's time for zinnia's and sunflowers (I have 5, yes that's right FIVE, different types this year).  Rosella seeds planted 2 weeks ago, nearly ready to go in as well as new Listada di Gandia eggplant seedling (my poor old eggplant has been going strong for at least 2 years - he needs to go). 

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