It has been a very busy time here since you were all at the GV Last year. We have transformed our Front Gardens into Food and Fruit Gardens. My love of Citrus stands out and since being introduced to so many Sub Tropical Fruits both from Members and our Visit to Daley's  last year, you will find our Front Garden now very edible.

9779249064?profile=originalBEFORE - Garden has now been widened and the Old Wisteria tamed

Many of the old plants had been generous over the years, so cuttings have been taken and many have found their way into pots. The Curved Corner has now been widened and Our own Compost, Cow Manure, Rock Minerals, Dolomite Lime as well as other good Organic preparations have been added. After sitting for a while it was time to plant at the beginning of March.



On Friday I planted 50 Dwarf English Lavender (Munstead (they were supposed to be Hidcote but it wasn't until after they were planted that I realized they had sent the wrong plugs) is a dwarf growing lavender with dark mauve flowers. A great compact growth habit makes it fantastic for pathway edging where a compact plant is needed.). The next row of plants will be Standard Citrus and the Middle Row a Citrus Hedge - Wish me luck with that one (I am still to start my trimming of the Citrus). In the corner of the back I will put my Low Chill Multi-grafted Cherry Tree - might need more luck with that one.

In the Clay Pots I am going to put a collection of Lavenders, and Grasses in the biggest pots and Lavender and Bright Colour Large and Small flowers to make a splash. Graham likes Bright Flowers as he can see them better, being Colour Blind.

9779250660?profile=originalFRONT BEFORE - This year we will not be planting annuals, only our favourites Salvia and Alyssum for the Bees

9779250870?profile=originalFRONT - In this picture you will find Wampee, Capulin Cherry, Coffee Trees and Silvan Berries growing

The Mulch on top of this garden is Pea Straw, a by product of the Table Pea Industry.

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  • Good work Dianne, I hope you were careful stepping into the garden. We have had to put out our pea straw as well, because the dogs are eating the Organic Xtra, so it will be covered up. Normally we cover mulch our garden in September.  

    Those salvia are the best plants for colour in the garden, and there are so many to choose from and in all different heights. 

  • The Pea Straw has proved to be a sound investment, not only is it supplying some lovely goodness to the plants but it is supplying us with Pea Sprouts to either eat or regrow into Pea Plants.

    The Citrus Hedge has now had it's first hair cut and the Standard Citrus are now devoid of bottom leaves and have a smooth stem now, now I just keep them under control. The Rose & Blueberry Gardens are now manured and dressed with Sugarcane Mulch. I went to town on the Salvia Garden cutting back and next I will Pea Straw the Stone Fruit in there but not the Salvia. I have planted some lovely new short growing New Release Salvia, a present for the Native Bees. The Veggie Garden is out of control, and there is Rocket growing everywhere, I'm sure I could supply all the restaurants in Brisbane. I must make some Pesto for Potato Salad.  

  • Susan, the Purple flowers are, Dianthus variety Blueberry.

  • Thanks so much everyone for you kind thoughts, I am determined to do all I can on the days I feel I can cope as I never know when my next trip to the hospital might be. It is all of you who inspire me.

    These are the other 2 photos that I wanted to put on yesterday but the system wouldn't let me put any more on the blog than I did.

    34638685?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024FRONT - Maybe not to easy to see but in this part of the garden you will find, Panama Berry, Ruby Red Guava, Orange Berry, Jaboticaba, Yellow Jaboticaba, Ceylon Hill Gooseberry


    FRONT - In this part of the garden you will find, Orange Berry, Blackberry, Dutch Medlar and in the front on the Footpath you will find Guava China Pear, Lychee and Loquat  

  • Stunning! What were those purple flowers in the front before shots?

  • Sensational and inspiring!!
  • Stunning Dianne! The effort that's been applied certainly shows.

  • Wow,

    A lot of work has gone into this and it looks great. You have made a lot of changes and to do so when it is still quite hot makes me think that I must be somewhat of a big whoos? (can't even spell it), to hold off doing much work because I'm waiting for better times. You have shown us all that there no time like the present. (Must get out of bed soon and get something done).

  • Beautiful. Very neat Dianne - you plant with such precision.

  • Go you good fings!!!!  What an amazing change.  

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