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We said "Send her down, Huey" and Huey Obliged ;-)

Whoever 'Huey' may be ...

The local Butcherbirds prefer to wait out the rain under shelter on the back patio:

The back tank full to overflowing:

Pelting down at the back:

and the front:

Up to now (5pm Sunday 25th February, 2018) we had around 6 inches (150mm).

Thanks, Huey :-)

As the storm flashed and rattled this afternoon, the big Greens and Gracefuls were busily croaking and creaking. A frog chorus in the day is fairly unusual as was the absence of the maniacal popping of the Striped Marsh who are likely to serenade at any time.

Although not raining at night now, the Greens and Gracefuls are continuing their courtship songs and still there's no popping from the Striped Marsh.

The sound of frogs beats anything we can play to lull us off to sleep.

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Comment by Roger Clark on February 26, 2018 at 9:03

230 mls of rain!! It's always the same - feast or famine, but this soaking will last in the ground for some time. I hope that we don't get another blast of really hot weather though as that will negate the effect. I did get a lot of tree branches down though but thankfully no great damage just a lot of chainsawing to be done to tidy up. The timing is also good as some of the autumn plantings can be risked now, if a little early. I will be planting out Garlic, Tomatoes, Kale, Carrots, Beetroot, to go with the Eggplants and Italian Fryer Capsicums that are powering along in the hot and (now) wet conditions.

My summer hibernation, might be coming to an end. Am I being a trifle optimistic? Probably, but after the heat and dry, I've been saving up my optimism for just such a time.  

Comment by Susan on February 25, 2018 at 14:44

I’ll have to go switch all my Taps back over to rainwater tank.  It was bone dry not too long ago, so gotta love the rain :)

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