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  • I still have one Babaco growing Josh, but others have shown interest in the past and could be in the market for another.

  • np i will let you know when i have some babaco's ready.

  • I have one Babaco still struggling along. All my Achacha died during a recent bout of heat (one and two year old seedlings) but I have no room to plant one though it is definately on my "want" list if space becomes available.

  • I have a Achacha in stock, Babaco I am waiting on some new plants to come through, atm my grower only has 3 for sale and being that they are their last 3 I can only purchase them at a more premium rate until the new batch comes on.  

  • You even have Achacha and Babaco!

  • Check out this impressive list of edible plants Josh has on offer. Josh is a local supplier for us here in Brisbane.

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