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Lycopersicon esculentum originally native to the western side of the South Americas, Spanish explorers brought seed to Europe in the 1500's

adrenal atrophy-function; alkalising; allergy food; alzheimer's inhibit; antibiotic; anti-cancer; anti-fatigue; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant; antiseptic; aphrodisiac; arginine; arteriosclerosis inhibit; belching; blackheads; blood cholesterol lower-synthesis inhibit/cleanse-nourish-pressure lower; bone function-growth-health; bowel irritable; calcium; cancer inhibit cervical-colon-lung-oral-pancreas-prostate-rectal-skin-stomach/breast-pancreas-prostate-protectorant; carbohydrates; cell growth; chlorine; choline; chromium; cirrhosis inhibit; constipation; copper; dementia; dental health; detoxify heavy metals; diabetes food; diarrhea from food poisoning-inhibit; dietary fibre; disease inhibit; DNA protectorant; eczema; edema; eye bloodshot/disease-inhibit/disorder-nerve/irritation-strength; facial exfoliant; goitre; gout; health maintenance; heart blood food-burn-disease inhibit-health; indigestion; intestinal disorder; iron absorption aid; jaundice; kidney health; lignans; lithium; liver cleanse-congestion-detoxify-disorder-health-protectorant-stimulant; magnesium...

Cautions of Use

avoid with arthritis

Applied Use

facial exfoliant apply fresh juice-slices-or puree for 5-10 minutes-remove with gentle massage ● more effective for cancers when cooked with small amount of oil added ● dried tomato for irritable bowel-diarrhea from food poisoning-food allergy-nutrient deficiency ● 1 tbsp. dried tomato in glass of milk-take 2 hourly for belching-diarrhea-heartburn-nausea-ulcer symptoms-vomiting ● use 12 dried tomato slices to ¾ cup water for tea ● eat 1 tomato before food in mornings for bloodshot eyes ● rub raw slices on face-unplugs blackhead pores-smooths skin-restores pH balance ● soak peeled slices in buttermilk-apply to sunburn-eat to inhibit sunburn ● bandage slices to wounds-pulverise leaf in water as poultice ● seed is high in protein ● glass of juice daily to inhibit cancers-illness/detoxify heavy metals-lead ● eat 1-2 ripe in morning to aid weight loss-inhibit urinary stones ● steep handful fresh leaf 15 minutes in cup hot water-strain-take tsp. before three meals daily for eye nerve-strength ● drink with other juices for gout-rheumatism

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Comment by Phil on October 6, 2015 at 7:34

I think you can probably get a long list of benefits like this for most fresh fruit and vegetables - especially when eaten in season as Andy has pointed out. The take away for me is that plant food is health food unlike the processed artificial rubbish that fills most of our supermarket shelves.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on October 5, 2015 at 22:13

I think it's a great explanation of why we should continue to grow and eat with the seasons.  Nature tends to balance for our well-being.  We just often choose to ignore it.  

Oh, it's a fruit Rob. 

Comment by Rob Collings on October 5, 2015 at 20:40

Wow, It' amazing how we can get so use to something ... that we just take it for granted ... balance.

I really like the re-visit you've just made with this herb?/vegetable?/fruit? .... plant.

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