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Little pots, be gone!  Inspired by Doug’s huge grow bags, I bought ten x 100l bags.  They are very good quality and at around $12 a piece, you can’t go wrong.  I got them here and I think Doug uses the same supplier:   I’m also surprised that I can still slide the bags around to move them even when fully planted. 

Most of our north side plants that were in dinky pots have now been moved into the grow bags.  I think the curry tree is the last to go and we’ll do it tomorrow.  We ran out of soil today.  Oh, the pomegranate on the north side has been removed from the garden bed completely.   Removing the stump was tough going to be honest.  I don’t need two pomegranates and real estate at my place is very valuable.  As an aside, jeez I have a LOT of dried Madagascar beans.  LOL.

The south side is starting to get some sun again.  I’ve started replanting cherry toms and some Chinese greens over there, both in the garden beds around the trees and in the aquaponics. The citrus on that side is flowering like crazy and the peaches are developing well.  I learned from last year and am keep the water up to the peach. 

 I’m hoping our five free loading chickens come into the lay soon.  It’s all about daylight hours.  The journey to finalise standard sized quail has begun.  Next time My Rozie is out, I’ll process and “can” all the males.  It’s still too cool at night to feed the fish. 

I re-read my blog from this time last year and I finally seem to be settling into a reasonable annual routine.   I’ve also decided I won’t bother with cabbages any more:  too many grubs which never infest my silver beet, and the chard is a much faster and more flexible crop. 

I'll try to add some pix if I get the chance.  

Pipsqueak orange covered in flowers. 

The peach is doing well. 

Lemonade is a great producer. 

Additional tomatoes going in on the south side.  

100 litre grow bags replaced most of the small pots.  

The quail are super productive with eggs.  Add the meat for those who have the stomach to do that and you have a real alternative to chickens, in my humble. 

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Comment by Dave Riley on September 1, 2020 at 18:58

Near me there's a back yard empty of any thing except maybe 50 of these green grow bags. Looks extraordinary. Trees mainly but some bushes as well.

In parts of Africa grow bags are popular for  urban farming. There are many examples on YouTube like this one from Caleb Karuga.

My adaption -- milk crate gardening-- is the most productive section of my garden.

Just saying.

Given all the effort I put into my beds --it's a reality check.  I'd be better served by switching to grow bags or more crates using the soil I've created in the beds mixed with manure.

'Perfect drainage' really is the Holy Grail.

The advantage of using milk crates is that all you need is weed mat to line their insides...and a hand trolley to move the crates around.

IF I WAS STARTING a garden again I'd go down the liner, crate and/or bag route. Just so long as I had a ready supply of good soil, which I did not at the beginning because I had to create that.

All I had was yellow sand.

I've not found that the crates, etc require specialty mixes like a potting mix. Karuga's recipe ratio is more or less what I use to fill my crates.

As for water use: while you'd think bags or crates are great leakers, I've found that hand watering will do, especially when I use the embedded  terracotta wine coolers.

Comment by Christa on September 1, 2020 at 11:09

I might get some of those bags myself, thanks for the info.

Comment by Doug Hanning on August 31, 2020 at 14:37

Looks good Andy.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on August 30, 2020 at 22:09

Updated with pictures. 

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