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I have 48 quail eggs in the incubator, on day 7 now. They have about 10-12 days to go. That’s left me with four dozen eggs for eating. That’s a thought process that I mostly leave alone. I also have four or five old birds that I can tell will drop off the perch soon. I lost one on the weekend. Nature says the old must pass so the new can come on. People aren’t any different, except the span of years Is greater. 
I split a native bee hive today. I’ll rotate the new and old for a couple of weeks and then will do a complete hive rescue on the old one. That box is completely rotted out. That’ll be a test of my skill level. 
Wisdom says that I’m a fool for splitting so early. My experience tells me to do it now. It’s early for the bees but also early for their predators. I’m banking on the fact that the girls will safely seal the hives before it gets hot enough for the pests to arrive. Swapping the hives around, rotating them, will balance out the bee numbers and give me two moderately strong hives instead of one weak one and one strong one. I understand that I “can’t do that” but it works really well. 
In other news, the sun has climbed in the sky now. My north side, winter garden is just going to seed in the heat and bright sun. It’ll be slim pickings for greens from there for a few months. I’m collecting seed and am about to start to replant the south side – my summer garden for greens. The north side will move to a corn crop and the like. 
Don’t get me wrong. We’re doing pretty well with crops even now. I’ve canned Kumquat marmalade and some tomato sauce. I’m about to start on sweet chilli sauce too. There’s a lot of passionfruit that I would love to convince My Rozie to let me turn into passion-butter. Oh, I have Kimchi fermenting as well because we did well with cabbage. 
M final point is about getting too cocky. I made a rookie error tonight with my still. I’ve ended up with a half batch but lost a week in fermenting. No matter how smart you think have become, it’s the little things that will trip you up and remind you what a fool you really are.

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Comment by Dave Riley on September 4, 2019 at 8:35

It is indeed a 'thing'. All you need do now is to start farming manna. Just because you can grow all manner of things doesn't mean you can.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 3, 2019 at 22:08

LOL!  Someone took his clever pills tonight!  I had to google it to check that it was really a thing... 

Comment by Dave Riley on September 3, 2019 at 21:33

It was quail and manna that fed the Israelites.

Henceforth, I shall call ye abode,  'MacDowall Manna'.


Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 3, 2019 at 19:19

The quails drop over from old age at around 3.  They start to get pretty haggard and fertility goes down at 2.  So, essentially, you get one good breeding season from them.  After that, you really should eat them (although I obviously don't).

Comment by Christa on September 3, 2019 at 7:49

Good goings on at your place Andrew, you have a real production line with the quail. It must be fun to see them when they hatch.  How long does a quail bird live?

I often wonder which seed would be best to keep. The first flowering or the best flower or a good flower later on.  Does an early flower promote bolting or is that soil temp that determines that.

I grow mainly fruit trees and plant leaves for food instead of vegies, due to amount of sunlight needed and work involved..

Yay! for passionfruit butter.

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