Thinking about a virtual GV

Was thinking I might do a youtube video of a walk around the garden. It will probably take 20 minutes or so. Let me know if this would be worrhwhile. I am still happy if people want to come to my GV but can understand that certain age groups need to be careful.9779308898?profile=original
Have butchered some excess male quail. Beautiful on the bbq for about 12minutes.Some females have started laying, about 8-10 so far. Planting lots of seeds in case I have to feed some freeloading friends. They all usually laugh at me and my obsession to grow my own food, they are not laughing now.9779309687?profile=original9779311053?profile=original Found my first pitangatuba flower this arvo!

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  • Ok. I will try to get on it this weekend. Have been very busy trying to finish some jobs off, so I can get paid, so I can keep my staff on even if we go into lockdown. A bit of a stressful time but count my blessings that I have been able to work as Im not interacting with anyone apart from my one bloke on the tools with me. I hope to get some quail eggs in the incubator soon, am up to 14 eggs a day.

  • videos are a good idea.  
    My bookclub is doing their first meeting using zoom this Friday.  

    Maybe we could do something like all watch Doug's video and then have a zoom online meeting where we ask him questions about his garden.  BYO coffee and snacks, and a comfy chair by the computer.
    zoom is free for <100 participants but there is a time limit of 40mins 

  • I'd join!

  • Go for it mate. 

  • That sounds like a good idea, Andy is always giving us Videos of his garden but me I would have to have Graham do it for me.

  • It looks like a eugenia type flower.  I would be happy to see a video of your garden Doug.  A talking video would be great.  Maybe we could have a section or area on this site for our members garden video's, with updates at any time. 

  • Not laughing indeed...!

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