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Spending time in the patch can be inspirational. Look and you shall see...

Worst of all, look and plan.

Does this obsession ever stop?

When you think the greenery is 'just so' you have to maybe do this or that.

The plants are a collective that maybe can do without you, but you can't help yourself.

Fiddling about.

More plants. Always more plants.

Never too many.

I look out back and see so many meals. My backyard will always be alive in my stomach.

Much as I appreciate mammals and defer to folks penchant for positioning garden figurative ornaments, I think that  the creatures who concern me the most, are earthworms.

They are my partner in life. Outside of the Missus of course. I can't see them unless I dig for them, but your everyday earthworm is a quiet beast which does its digestive best 'eating' its way through my dirt and making it better.

How about that!

I just, more or less, throw things at it.

Here. Bon appetit!

Indeed, aside from the planting and pulling, all I seem to do is invest the occasional stick into garden maintenance. I have bamboo poles that have lasted me years. 5 metres plus they are. I never have enough and even small sticks cut from whatever tree is cut back I use in the garden to mark planted spots or stake a newcomer.

Then as they age, they too rot and are eaten.

Yes I am a stick man. I respect sticks like I do earthworms.

Weird. Instead of 'sticks and stones' -- what about 'sticks and worms'?

It is

the way of the stick.


Outback, walk softly and carry a stick. I do. It is the only way. 

Some folk talk to the trees, but I draw wisdom in parts.

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