The Rain - What is everyone planting now.

Hasn't this rain been wonderful. It has made a tremendous difference to our place. Where all the Grass had died we now have Green & everything else has come back from being drought stressed. My Figs are so happy we even have babies on one tree for the first time.

I have been very quiet on the Blog front, almost 2 years quiet, due to not wanting and not being allowed (OT Rules) in the Veg Patch until my garden path had been replaced (due to bulging tree roots), and I have been suffering Drought Depression.

Well my New Year's Resolution was to not obey the Rules and just get over the rest. I thought if I organized a Garden Visit for March that would give me the incentive to get into it. The Path is still not repaired though I don't go to the garden unless Graham or someone else is close by.

What I have planted - I have been busy cleaning up the Herb Garden and putting in a few new Herbs like Dill, Coriander, Vietnamese Mint, Seeds of 17 Different Chilli I use in cooking, Thai Mint, Flowers for my Native Bees, Lettuce, Eggplant, French Beans & Tomatoes gifted from Roger.

I am sure you have all been doing a lot more that I have, it would be lovely to see just what you are getting ready or have planted for Autumn & Winter eating.

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