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My latest batch of quail is my most successful yet. Set 140ish eggs. After 14 days they were candled and only 7 were discarded as unfertile, another 7 or so looked suspicious but couldnt be certain. Day 18 saw a large hatch of 65. With another 20 hatch on day 19. Then the next 3 days saw another 20 stragglers. This is symptomatic of a cheap incubator as temperature varies throughout chamber so rates of development differ. In the first week had only 5 fatalities(which is pretty good these things are fragile). Upon post moretom of all the unhatched eggs there were 10 that did not fully develop, the rest were developed but failed to break out of the shells- a sign of unstable humidity, once again because of my cheap incubator. Am in the process of organising a quaility incubator/hatcher for later in the year.  There is so much to learn but its rewarding to see progress. A couple of pics of the little fellasItalian chick above

Pharoah or wild type above.

Either a rosseta or tibetan. My fav colour.

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on August 15, 2020 at 23:52

Easiest bird ever to process Lily.  I've done skin on and off.  Honestly, they are right b@st@rds with no personality.  I keep chickens and quail.  I could never knock a chook (at least a girl) because they have personality.  Quail don't.  

Comment by Lily on August 15, 2020 at 17:04

Aw, they're very sweet. <3 I've heard quail are meant to be an excellent meat bird, but they have always seemed to me like they would be very fiddly to process and eat, so I've been reluctant.

Comment by Susan on August 15, 2020 at 15:07


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