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The most beautiful time of the year.

I absolutely LOVE October -> All the flowers are out in full force.  I have a garden path that leads from my front gate to the house which has a rose arbor and is lined with hippeastrums. At this time of year, it just looks stunning (trust me on this, the photo's do not do it justice).  The rose has just started its mass flowering with hundreds of buds waiting to open.  The hippea's have all sent up their magnificent spikes and one is just about to open today.  And other flowers from the garden :) -> It just makes me so happy and peaceful when I'm surrounded by so much beauty. I'm just about to plant some sunflowers in the back soon.

We went to Mt Tamborine on the weekend and it was FREEZING - we were camping :(  But, the springtime on the Mountain open garden exhibit was on.  Funny that... My husband and kids just thought it was an "accident" that there just happened to be a garden event on the exact weekend and the exact place we ( I ) decided to go camping :)  I have some serious garden envy.  These places were just stunning.  As my photo's could not do it justice, I have just put up some of my favorite flowering plants that we saw.

One of the ladies let me take a couple of seed pods from the flowering peach so I've got it in a pot along with some clivia seeds (also from the mountain) and hopefully I'll have a gorgeous flowering peach in a couple of years.  I'm going to try to train it as a standard as there was a stunning example in one of the gardens and I thought - I have to try that.  The Clivia's were everywhere!! I bought one advanced, pale cream, specimen for $25 which had 2 little offshoots.  I have always want clivia's but they were always so expensive.  This way, I have done one section that I want to plant and hopefully my seeds sprout and I'll be able to do more.    The fence is, of course, to keep those feral chickens of mine out.

I made rosella jam this week and had to plant more rosella seedlings as my 6 jars have quickly whittled down to 2 -> giveaways to friends and family.

My mum gave me a bunnings gift voucher for my birthday so I bought the rosella's and this funky tomato plant, 2 bags of mulch and some fertiliser and that was it all spent.  I think I'm going to have a tomato glut.  I have honey grape, diggers mini roma, this yellow honey drop one and 3 random plants that self seeded.

My birthday present (Diggers 5 pack of melons & Figaro connectors) to myself also arrived this week so I have planted a melon FEAST.  They sound absolutely delightful.  I have grown the Moon and stars watermelon before and it was fantastic, so I hope the rest of these live up to their descriptions.  Where I'm going to find room for them all...Who knows.  I figure some can go into the *extended* backyard once the potato's have finished.

I did get impatient today and pulled up one of my potato plants.  Here is what I got.  A few have signs of scab and lots of little ones (I am 8 weeks early :P ) but couldn't help myself.  I've got 14 more plants to go.

Hopefully I'll have some Zucchinis soon. 

My net is up on the peach/nectarine tree.  Made the frame with my own bamboo, figaro connectors and steel rebar hammared into the ground for the bammboo to thread over. 

And finally, my bees look like they have recovered from whatever caused their numbers to drop after my last honey harvest. YAY!  I finally bought some bee gloves so am waiting for them to arrive and then I should be able to harvest another bar of honey. 

Well that's it from me for now guys.  Enjoy this beautiful time of the year while it lasts. 

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Comment by Dave Riley on October 2, 2015 at 9:15

You should be able to harvest some spuds without actually pulling up the whole plant. The trick I gather is to harvest with your bare hands and dig in like a animal. Take you harvest and replace the divot. In my sandy soil it is easy. 

When I was harvesting Lyle's spuds at the Deagon Green P -- hand harvesting was the norm.Use a tool and you are likely to slice into potato flesh.

Comment by Lissa on October 2, 2015 at 6:02

Glorious :) Love the pics from the garden show (deep down in my heart the decorative gardener in me still lurks).

I can see the park around you filled with melons plants. Let's hope the local natives don't figure out too quickly what you are growing.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on October 1, 2015 at 14:11

Woo hoo, what a garden! Now just what are figaro connectors? Sound like every home should have some ;-)

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