The garden come spring

Well spring has surely sprung but I’m still waiting on consistently nice weather before I count my chickens. I have been trying to get all my irrigation updated and ready for summer when there is just no way I’ll get enough time to make sure the watering gets done.  I bought shrubblers from Bunnings and they allow you to adjust the flow rate or even turn them off which is great for my multi Vegie garden bed set up.  I have 3 per bed at the moment


. I also set up drip irrigation for the “outside the fence” garden. I’ll be removing some of the winter stuff soon and replace it with more summer crops.  I already have corn planted but I’m thing rosellla’s and more tomatoes since they seem to be going so good out there. 


The harvests are going great.  I’m only buying potato and onions in terms of veggies at the moment.  


we have plenty of fruit too as mulberries strawberries and blueberries are in abundance and the peaches have started.  Still buying bloody apples though - my kids cannot survive without their apples.   I buy about 20 Per week for the 3 of them.    Once they are grown, I’ll only be eating the fruit I grow dammit! 




Flowers are just starting to look great.   I’ve got my first and only surviving strawflower in bloom, but damn, she’s pretty!


My pumpkins are making my garden look like a fairytale right now.  They are growing up through my fence and over my garden shed.  So pretty!


Ive also got some avocados Ron my Pinkerton.  So excited to see if I’ll actually be able to harvest any this time. 


lastly, I harvested some honey today so have a look at my real rough and ready approach to honey harvests.  I call it the smoosh and filter method.  


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  • Looking Wonderful as usual Susan, yes I am jealous too especially because you guys near the coast get more rain. We did have a little rain last night 3mm, enough to wet the leaves. I am sure you will make us all envious with your next report on your garden or patch, keep it coming!!!

  • You always manage to spur me on Susan.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing in case jealousy is getting the better of me.  Great job.  The good thing about BLF is we get two "Game of Thrones" seasons: "winter is coming" and then "summer is coming."  They didn't have to worry about summer in that damn Westross place.  

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