Sunday Lunch

We decided to make lunch from as much of our produce as possible last Sunday.9779033685?profile=originalSo I picked some tomatoes.

9779034658?profile=originalSome mushrooms.

Some parsley and spring onion.

Some eggs from our chooks.

9779034485?profile=originalSome home made lebneh and we got ....


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  • :)

  • Hello Lissa, I am sorry the photo sequence was confusing.

    The eggs went into the omelet.

    The jar is my 'Lebneh' which id a middle eastern yoghurt cheese.

    I made it from home made Greek yoghurt, so it is piquant, stored in olive oil with a crushed garlic clove and a sprig of Rosemary.

    Think of it as a more tart and spreadable 'Philadelphia' cheese.

    I use it as a spread on bread or crackers.

  • Drool - looks totally yummy.

    What is it you have done with your eggs there in the jar Robert? Preserved in oil and rosemary?? They must be cooked first correct - or are they still in their shells?

  • 34634203?profile=original

    Hey Chris, we have 6. They are Poppy and Henrietta the Isa Brown's, Henny Penny the Rhodes Island Red,  Spring the Leghorn and Noire and Jemima the Australorp's.

    They are are getting a bit old and going off their lay, but my wife won't let us dispatch them.

  • fantastic rob , how many chook have you got , imiss mine .

  • Divine!

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