Some Afternoon digging

Pulled out 22kg of sweet potatoes from one 400L grow bag this arvo. Also picked 12 seminole pumpkins (25kg)from one vine. Still have my ube's to harvest and some chilacayote that will round out the winter staples.

Picked some cucs and some eggplants and my daily quail eggs. Grabbed a snap of the bok choy while I picked some for dinner.Checked my 120 eggs in the bator. Feasted on some starfruit, miracle fruit,papaya and peanutbutter fruit.

Great way to spend the arvo.9779330264?profile=original9779330492?profile=original9779331678?profile=original

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  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's a fantastic haul mate. 

  • No problems Dave I will save a heap of seeds from different pumpkins in case my isolation failed on some and they turn out to be some weird hybrid

  • I'm real keen about getting my hands on some seminole  p seeds....Sent you a message, Doug.

  • Yeah Christa this should keep us going. Im a little scared to dig up all my greater yams. Have to build a new screened storage cupboard.

    Yes Mike is a very reliable and prompt sender of trees that are not available elsewhere.

  • Good heavens, Doug, you have enough for a roadside stall. All those pumpkins and whopper sweet spuds, looks like plenty of roasts and soup this winter.  Those seminole pumpkin should last for some months. 

    Thanks for giving info on Mike T, he is going to send me a catalogue in Spring.  

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