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Hi All,

What a glorious start to spring - my garden is producing lots and is very beautiful at the moment.  My daughter had friends over 2 weeks ago and while my children never really appreciate my garden, her friends loved it.  Apparently it is #cottagecore - that's a thing that is cool :).  They were out feeding the chickens, chilling on the back balcony looking out over the garden and even wanted a garden tour from her.  I laughed when she told me cause I was like "so when they asked you what was what, you told them...????"   This was just how spectacular the garden is looking at the moment. 

The garden is producing so much food at the moment that once again, I am only buying apples, banana's, potato's and onions from the store.  

My girls are producing so many eggs at the moment.  We are eating zucchini slice at least once per week.   This came entirely from the garden except for cheese flour and oil. 

Mulberries are just insane at the moment.  Last year, I lost my whole harvest to bats.  This year, I have been on top of the picking and so far, so good, they have not found the tree yet.  I have bottled 14 jars, frozen 3kg and made 3 mulberry pies (as well as copious fresh)

My dumb dog loves the mulberries as much as we do.  Unfortunately, he not only eats the fallen ones (great) but rolls around in them.  This is the end result :)

The pink iona grapes have kicked in with a vengeance.  Numerous bunches of grapes starting (the whole vine looks like this!!!) while my black carolina has only just got two sets of leaves.  It looks like I should get a bumper crop!! This is the 2nd full year in the ground for the iona and 3rd for the carolina.   Such a quick production. 

The blueberries will be the next to start ripening.  My bushes are looking amazing - I have 8 and they are completely loaded. 

I have grown Kale for the first time but I don't really like it in stuff.  So it's growing like crazy in my yard, amazingly healthy but we don't eat it.  A vegetarian friend suggested kale chips - not too bad so at least it has a use in my house now :)

Last think - the zinnia's are finally starting to bloom!!!  I spread seed like crazy from my most beautiful flowers in may and now that beauty will keep going. 

Well that's it from me guys.  Posting this has made me hungry for kale chips so I'm going to pick some  kale and make some.  Don't forget #cottagecore is a thing and WE ARE COOL!!!

 Happy gardening guys. 

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Comment by Susan on September 12, 2020 at 19:43

What Roger - the buckets of fruit didn’t do that already ;). He vomits them up after and then goes eats some more so I don’t think they agree with his tummy but he’s a lab and it’s “free food” so he keeps on eating. 

I agree Dianne, I thought he looked like he was putting make up on 

Comment by Roger Clark on September 12, 2020 at 19:09

Your dog looks like it has received some rough treatment from its owner!!! The various dogs that I  have had over the years have never eaten fruit. It must be very tasty! My four mulberry trees have not produced any fruit at all. Another chance to put me to shame, not that you would stoop so low? 

Comment by Dianne Caswell on September 12, 2020 at 9:29

Nice Harvest, everything is looking healthy as usual. Love your Very Pretty Pink Patch Doggy.!!!

Comment by Sophie on September 7, 2020 at 14:58

So gorgeous!! Loving cottagecore, so hilarious. Love your dog, not dumb at all! Loving spring - looks like you do too!! xx

Comment by Susan on September 7, 2020 at 6:12

We are so cool Doug! Thanks Christa and Andy.  The zinnias are ones I got from green harvest.  I was walking round their garden and these zinnias were everywhere and so stunning so I asked what they were and bought the seeds.  

Comment by Christa on September 6, 2020 at 17:18

Of course you are cool.  You go girl, your garden is listening to you.  Look at those blueberries coming on, protect them from the thieves. Mulberry pie this month, blueberry shakes the next.  I think those red zinnias are the brightest ones around, good for butterflies and bees. 

All you keen gardeners out there, who provide some food for your family, WELL DONE.

Comment by Andrew Cumberland on September 6, 2020 at 13:12

Fantastic!  I think my kids are secretly a bit proud of their crazy old prepper dad as well, although they'd never tell me that.  My new chooks are finally on the lay too!

Comment by Doug Hanning on September 6, 2020 at 6:50

Looks great Susan. Have you tried cavolo nero or red russian kale. We have it steamed every day with our other greens and its nicer than that really tight curly one that you have. I feel your pain in regards to the eggs, we got 120 quail, 10 chook and 12 duck eggs this week. There are only so many you can eat. Am going to take your example and make a mulberry pie tonight. I would not call my self  COOL though!

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