Sebago seed potatoes

I went to Northside Produce on Albany Creek rd and saw Sebago seed potatoes for $4 a kilo so I bought a few. Now I just need to sprout them and the will try plant in the chook food bag. Just have to do some research on what to do and when to plant...cross fingers
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  • Ive used the chook bags ,fold them down put sugar cane mulch and compost on top.Plant 2 pieces in the compost and roll up the bag and use the same mix,layering process as they grow.Unfortunately they are not too big for a large crop but yes they still work.Potatoe bags work better.This year I have some large buckets and Ill experiment with those and use different mixes and label them .Im very interested at how the palagonite will do especially.

  • On the Victorian web site Sebago take over 4 months to maturity   look at Determinate vs indeterminate potatoes  the longer time ones seem to be the ones that will produce more potatoes  when they are hilled up so now is a good time to plant .

  • Make sure you let us know how it goes!

  • Good luck Stephen.  I bought mine from Capalaba produce store.  I dug trenches into my self watering beds and backfilled as they grew.  Looking really healthy so far - that is never my problem.  It's keeping them healthy until spuds fully develop.

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