Red Dacca Bananas

 Saw this banana on a Facebook post recently and would really like try and grow one. I contacted a couple of suppliers for clarification on the restrictions for growing bananas. One company got back to me and told me "No I couldn't grow it in Brisbane" but another said if I contacted DAFF and got a permit which I should be able to get then it wouldn't be a problem.  

Has anyone had any experience with this variety? I am going to call DAFF tomorrow and find out if I can get a permit.


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  • No unfortunately, I spoke to DAFF,  we are not able to grow them up here. Its a shame but they have to protect our primary producers.

  • I dont think you can grow Red Dacca in Queensland.  Diggers gardening club also sell them but not to Queensland. Diggers

    Some nice alternatives that you can get and grow in Queensland:

    Blue Sky Backyard Bananas

  • Oh - from memory there are quarantine checks at the border if anyone is considering driving all that way for one of these.

  • Response from Humphris:

    Dear Lissa,

    Thanks for your enquiry. We are a wholesale nursery in the Melbourne area and we do grow 8 different varieties of cool climate fruiting Bananas. However, quarantine laws prevent us from sending any bananas further north than Taree, NSW. Even if this quarantine law did not exist, the freight charges would be astronomical I would imagine as you would be charged a percentage of the invoice from every freight company who had to handle the pots ( at least 2 companies would be involved to my knowledge) plus most would not even consider 10 plants , let alone one. The other major consideration is the time the plant spends either in the back of a truck or sitting on a loading dock waiting for the next stage of its journey. They tend to arrive pretty knocked about when you are talking past Sydney from Melbourne I’m afraid.

    The only way around it is if you ever visit Sydney in a private vehicle, you could perhaps arrange the purchase of the plant from a local Sydney nursery ( we deal with most of them) and transport the plant home yourself.

    I’m really sorry I have to give you all this bad news and wish I could be more helpful!

    Thanks and regards,



    Lisa Matchan

    Sales Manager
    Humphris Nursery

  • They're a retail nursery. $400 minium order or there's a $40 freight charge. Qld isn't listed in their delivery sites. 

    HERE'S the link for the banana page where they list Dwf Red Dacca.

    I'm curious so have emailed them. Don't let that stop you making your own enquiry with them though Nathan!

  • This seems to be their website HUMPHRIS NURSERY.

  • lol photo shopped.

  • Aren't they gorgeous!

    Very keen to hear the outcome of your research Nathan.

  • I think it is fantastic that we are all so concerned with "doing the right thing by growers" and not exposing them to risk.  And that's part of the reason, I am proud to be a site member.  Nice work Nathan!

  • Gosh what beauties! What do they taste like? I have noticed that the permitted dwarf Ducasse taste quite spicy relative to Cavendish and personally, much more tasty to eat. To be fair to the industry, I recommend that you follow DAFFs advice. When I applied for my permit, there were several approved varieties available as tissue-culture plants. Nothing so marvellous as the Red Dacca though.

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