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Random Update Stardate: 24.07.13 or Some Serious Busy!

I figure I look like everything at my place has stalled in the last month.  Well, that's not really true - I've been flat out like a lizard drinkin'.  Here's a quick update on what I've been doing:

Garden: is going really well.  Had two solid meals from my snow peas, the rainbow silverbeet has provided a pie and several stir fries, I have a massive kumquat harvest due in a week or two and things like shallots are going well.  Lissa and Elaine's beans are about to start to produce (pic now added below!), we've had some passion fruit and I appear to have potato plants shooting up again (and some random stuff - an egg plant from Lissa, another sweet potato etc).  I ended up with 3 good Kent pumpkins from what was almost a green manure vine. 

Aquaponics:  is dead stalled. I need to work out the insulation and then the folds for the liner. 

Photography: the Abbey Medieval Tournament was on. That stole an awful lot of my time because I am one of four official photographers.  It's all done now and I must post some photos for you all.   It was fab. However, on a more serious photography note, my camera is officially dead.  Harvey Norman Everton Park sold me a card reader that ended up destroying a quite expensive card and the card port on my camera.  I am not happy and am spending a lot of time chasing them to do the right thing by me. Actually, at this stage, a return phone call from them would be nice.  I am conducting a social media campaign against the very store that I used to send my student to.  Go figure.

Cheese:  I ended up with three wheels of Camembert that were pretty good.  The texture was perfect and runny inside but I aged them a smidge too long so they are just a touch stronger than I would like.  My washed rind Drunken Nut was a failure.  Ah well.  I also had the most amazing potential casual job offer from a large home brewing franchise - to work as a food demonstrator showing people how to make cheese and probably sausage, jerky, preserves and some of the other crazy stuff that I do.  Wow. I am seriously considering the option, even though it would make me even more busy than I already am. 

BUT - there may big some other BIG cheese news soon that will bring me, and this site, mucho fame and glory.  I won't tell until I know for sure what is happening, but I am pretty excited about it.  Even if it fails, I'll let you know because it was lots of fun exploring the possibility - although again, quite time consuming. 

Fresh Sausage Making: has proved to be a lot of fun.  I've made around 6 kg now - a savoury pork, maple syrup pork and a few kilos of Thai chicken.  

Demo Day: I have not forgotten that I promised a demonstration day.  As soon as I can get a bit of a break, I'll schedule something so people can get an idea of how easy most of this stuff really is. 

Computer Game Sales:  *Note to self* stay away from these.  I've also spent lots of hours conquering ancient Rome of late.  

Here is a picture the beans donated from Lissa. They are quite huge!  Don't worry Elaine, your's are on the shadier side so they are a bit slower.

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Comment by Andrew Cumberland on July 25, 2013 at 14:36

LOL. And you wondered why I always sleep in. 

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on July 25, 2013 at 5:07

Do you get any sleep time, Andrew? ;-)

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