Random update: stardate 20072014

Observation:  damn those chooks are destructive!  They ate my turnip/cauli patch.  I've now fenced it.  They ate both my Kratky hydroponic boxes.  Threw them out in disgust.  Tonight, I found they've eaten the bottom foam box on my worm farm!  Mind you, that's better than the top box which has the worms!  I'll have to fun another fence to keep them the heck out of that whole area.  On the bright side, they are at point of lay now. Should produce eggs in a month or two.

I can tick my work list for adding video instructions to the cheese makers, home distilling and sausage makers groups. On a related matter, my adult ed cheese making courses begin on 20 August!  Yahoo!

I can also tick off shooting the Abbey Medieval Tournament.  2500 photos taken, processed and about to be sent in.  Ended up with around 750 shots submitted.  The updated Delica camper bed conversion worked a treat.  I survived some quite cool camping weather that weekend without batting an eyelid.  I didn't even need to run the car heater. 

On the garden front, getting lots of spinach and cherry tomatoes.  I taught myself a Romesco (tomato and almond based) sauce which is quite nice.  Whipped out a pesto this weekend and a new wheel of Brisbane Nutty White Cheese.  

So, not much happening at my place right now.  (Andy faints.) 

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  • LOL. The grass is still holding up pretty well in my yard, but I only let the girls out for an hour a day and with strict supervision now.  I can't imagine the damage if there was more than 3 in my tiny yard. 

  • Hi Andrew yes they are destructive aren't they .Can  I interest you in a drum garden lol' my hens now are under house arrest as they have just about eaten every blade of grass and the backyard is resembling something like the Simpson desert.They will only start free ranging when I get back on top of the grass situation again mind you they are still laying ok

  • I have a video that I'll stick in the aquaponics group mate.  Just need to run a few tests without the heater attached. 

  • I read somewhere that birds are attracted because of the out gassing from the polystyrene, they think it is ripening fruit.
  • I've read that chooks find styrene tempting - looks like the books were right. 

  • Oh, I also forgot to mention that I have hooked the aquaponics system up to run completely off grid.  I'm just waiting for a chance to test it. 

    All of these things are my plans for retirement Elaine.  I just can't get the time to move the tiny city farm forward fast enough while I have to work. 

  • How will you spend a frenetic week if this is a sample of a relaxed one?

    What are you going to do to fill in your days when you retire?

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