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I had a lovely day today, doing my best to inspire another BLFer into cheese making, booze making and the delights of home smoked foods.  It made me realise just how much I enjoy sharing the joy of the artisan lifestyle to which I aspire.  As a result, I thought I'd make a record of a few autumn projects here at the Manor:

I'm continuing to "pretty up" the front yard (building site) hugel-swales with some lovely flowering grasses. I added a few extra water holes to the set up that I am filling with plant cuttings.  I'm going to add a sunset dwarf peach and a few productives out there in the front, like volunteer pumpkins/tomatoes etc (even if they end up being not productive and used as green manure). 

Turnips, caulis and carrots have been planted in the raised garden beds (in both the big and little dogs' yards).  Two beds with snow peas have sprouted wonderfully (one on each side of the yard).  One of set of seeds (not sure whether it's caulis or turnips - don't ask!! It was a seeding accident where the packets got mixed up) are also shooting really well in the wicking bed. 

The aquaponic grow beds are "in transition."  The lettuces have stopped performing and just go leggy, even from seedling. Although, the spinach is going great guns.  I think I need to remove the shade cloth now it's almost winter. The strawberry plants are the best I've ever seen - but they are completely non-productive.  I think they need to go.  I put some capsicums in a line up the centre of the bed.  Chilli is doing well in there too, as is the cherry tom and the chives.  The basil is not performing (I think that's a sunlight issue as well).  Overall, I think I'll test removing the shade cloth and see what happens - or maybe just pin the sides up and away (which would be much easier).  I also have a hair-brained scheme to move the aquaponics completely off grid (more about that later). 

In relation to the potential chooks, I am re-purposing the dog kennel to be a chicken roost and nesting area. I've torn one side out completely and have raised it up off the ground. I'll do a short video on this half witted idea at some stage, regardless of whether it works or not.  I reckon it'll be okay (fingers crossed).

The chicken tales bring me to a sad note.  In the last 17 months, I've lost all four dogs.  First the littlies went (Shozzie first) and Louie in late November.  I've put up a tribute to them on this site. They were my Rozie's dogs but I loved them.  Well, I lost my two big girls (the Huskies) within 6 weeks of each other just a week or so ago.  All 4 dogs were 15 - 16 years old and lived wonderful lives.  My big girls outlasted both my previous marriages!!!  Thank god I bought the new little one (Bobbie) for My Rozie at Christmas.  He is now very spoiled!! (as my BLF friend saw today).  Here's a tribute to my girls, and their "protect/alert" command which was "watch!".


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Comment by Lissa on April 7, 2014 at 4:44

Very, very sad to hear you have lost the big girls along with the littlies. That's a beautiful photos of the two of them when young and beautiful. Reminds us why we take so many pics.

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