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Garden fare is all very sub-tropical at the moment. It's raining right now, how lovely.

I picked our rockmelon - the excitement! A bit early I'm afraid though. I tested it with a Brix meter and it said only 'ordinary' nutrition. My chef friend says she uses them to test for ripeness, so I'm hoping that had I picked it at the correct stage of ripeness, the Brix meter would in fact have said "oh wow, that's incredible, I can't believe how well nourished this fruit is, there should be some sort of prize". Which is probably what it really meant when it said "ordinary". You know - once you think about - that's probably how it actually was ;)

We have a lot of silly eggs. The girls were down to one a day when we came back from hols, they're back up to four a day again. I think they rather like us after all. The yolks are still electric yellow.

The good thing about pavlova is that you have to use the passionfruit that keep dropping off the fence, you have to use a lot of egg whites, and having lots of egg yolks around absolutely forces you to make icecream. Which is all a bit win-win really :) I made macdamia (from our tree), honey and banana icecream. It was SO good.

Am making lots of ratatouille type dishes. I made a fantastic aubergine soup the other day - it was really fantastic. "I can't believe it's not eggplant". I'll put it up in the recipe forum.

My fruit fly exclusion bags have arrived (thankyou Green Harvest! ) and I'm going to get crazy with them.

Not much else going on. The weather was so fiercely baking that we rigged up a shadecloth structure over the hot vegie garden because nothing was getting on. Everything seems to have perked up immediately. I was resisting doing it because it looks way dodgy (especially as it's just a temporary rig and not a proper installation), but the moon and stars (watermelons) were calling me.

My cucumbers have calmed down considerably, only one every few days now, but the capsicum are producing at the same rate which is much better than they were doing. Clearly they needed more water. Maybe the cukes don't like the extra water? I'll cut back for them and see what happens.

I chucked blood and bone everywhere and the tomatoes have stopped getting blossom end rot and seem to be resisting the fruit fly a whole lot better too. Those big brassicas can really suck the calcium out of the soil!

All my celery died and so did the artichokes (they were resprouting, but they got fried). The silver beet is down to one manky plant. I've lost a few strawberries too, but the strawberries in our vertical mini garden are still fruiting. We ate two today. They have no respect for the seasons or when they are meant to fruit. Crazy plant. Mine always do this.

I think I've lost my mint too which is fairly pathetic really. I never want to put it in the garden lest it take over. I might have to take the plunge and set it free. It's too fussy in a pot. I've been thinking about a spot down the side for it where it should be OK - it can duke it out with the native violets.

Here is the beautiful chicory. I love standing near it and looking up at the sky through the chicory and the sunflower petals. The blue of the chicory against the sky plus the yellow joy of the sunflowers delivers some sort of existential charge that's hard to beat. I should invest in a proper camera...(one day).

Oh yes - and my galangal is flowering. I'll have to take a photo, it's really pretty.

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Comment by Donna on February 14, 2009 at 13:45
Glad you got the capsicums looking better, I am about to go out in to the garden and do some long awaited weeding. I will do a blog post soon, I am falling way behind! ;)
Comment by Scarlett on February 13, 2009 at 17:48
as the sunflowers ripen we pull them out and put them in the chook pen for the girls

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