Queen Bee

My bees keep creating queen cells and replacing the queen although some may have swarmed that I didn't see. The current queen is yet to lay larvae so hopefully she lays soon. It may be I have to get a new queen in as so far the hive keeps replacing the queen.

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  • Hi Elaine

    Going to attend a meeting with Northside beekeepers association towards the end of the month and ask questions then. I'm going to build a new hive and try to get a swarm for it and place in a different location. Hopefully with spring around the corner things will sort themselves out.

    They are storing a lot of honey and at the moment very little pollen so hopefully soon when the Mandarin starts to flower they will go gang busters

    The picture in question is all honey the white dots are just reflections

  • Stephen are you a member of any of the beekeeper's clubs? Sounds like you need professional help.

    My experience has been that bees which have access to pollen-heavy flowers and little-to-no nectar, swam because pollen feeds baby bees (once the eggs have hatched) and lots of baby bees means overcrowded colonies. So swarms take off … that is the natural way bees increase. Applies to exotic and native bees.

    I'd check the council Library for bee culture books and do some reading if you cannot find a beekeeper's club. Oh and attend any field days you can get to.

  • That's unfortunate.  Let me know how it all goes. I'm a bee novice :)

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