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Outback says, "Welcome to 2017. Looking good."

The year begins green.

Surprises in the soil.

This season we do have shade.

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Comment by Lissa on January 8, 2017 at 4:40

Looking lush Dave.

Comment by Dave Riley on January 7, 2017 at 22:17

Not shown is the mulch crisis I'm suffering from.

My regular grass clipping supplier -- a local mower person -- has done a bunk and I'm grabbing mulch material  from wherever I can.

So the weediness is there. I don't pull them as that would expose the earth and since I  am not planting out at the moment I have nothing to replace the weeds with.

Enter the Vetiver on a wing and a prayer.

While I wait, I angst.

My current mulchy resource is (here's a surprise) dogbane --Coleus canina . Loves my garden and I seem to have acres of it. Easy to control. Cut and drop. Walk on. Uproots easily. I even plant seedlings in it by spreading the dogbane and planting in the soil space created. Very shallow rooted. Easy to sickle or break off with your fingers.

I'm growing Prickly Pear and Dragon Fruit in a dogbane patch. Real ground covering. The dogbane  truly suppresses the weeds.

All the paths are layered with paper and cardboard with brush cuttings on top.

Now that the Canna indica is resurging, I cut and drop that. I've also dropped a major harvest of Canavalia(Coastal Jack Bean) atop the garden. When I dig out the chook pen corral, that too tops up the mounds.

But when my Vetivers are harvested in a couple of months or less --chopped back to 50 cm -- I'm  hoping to  have enough to carpet the whole garden.

In the meantime I expect the Canavalia  to have a growth spurt. It's good at that. Nitrogen fixer. Drops few stem roots. Easily replicated.

Comment by Dave Riley on January 7, 2017 at 13:37

I doubt it. I used to buy winsocks to fly outback but that's rather expensive.They only last a year. So I made my own out of an old windsock frame, an old swivel, a shopping bag and dressed it up with torn cloths. The stem is a very old fishing rod.That rests on a mosaic-ed plinth/totem.

I don't have bird issues since the turkey stopped visiting. It is the creatures of the night that bug me...and the dogs.

There I was thinking running aerials was a great idea for climbers and such but the rats think they're a freeway network and all the dogs can do is look up and bark.

There are succulents among the jungle. They really don't need full sun as my wife's succulent collection proves. Also the frangipanis are deciduous. At present I'm landscaping the front garden with succulents as I go. They love the sand at our feet.

Also in there among the greenery is lots of Vetiver. (First image, top left) . This season is my first with a good shade option from the frangipanis. When they grow more I'll remove the aerials and simply string climbers between their branches tree to tree.

Comment by Rob Collings on January 7, 2017 at 12:19

Looking productive and cooling Dave. 

Is that a bird deterrent in the bottom left hand photo? 

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on January 7, 2017 at 10:01

Will you have enough sun for the succulents? 

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