New Fruit Fly Trap fruit-crops-inventor-claims-... Read the article about this. I wonder how much it will be. Surely as it is a product of a respected Uni it should work. It would be a huge boon to not only Organic Gardeners but also the general public, as conventional farmers will be able to grow fruit, etc. without poisonous sprays and this will not only make the produce cheaper but also much healthier. I do hope that this works and is affordable for the average grower.

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  • This is part of their email response to me a week or so ago: "Fruition will be available through AgNova Agents around the end of October; please tell us where you are and we will provide contact details for your closest Agent."

    I have done that and have not heard back. I asked if the Agents were set up to do mail order. Anyway, it's a fair chance they're overwhelmed and are not ready to deal with large numbers. Even if we buy in bulk, distribution will be difficult for whoever gets them. Relatively few of us go to garden visits so it'll be left to someone to mail them out.

    I suggested they put in a free ad in our buy/sell section but they would need to be members. They have not done that.

    Mary-Ann if the cocktail works for you, why buy something you already have for free?

  • 14 days and its the end of Oct ???? will it be released in time? no more mixing vegemite and bana skins and beer dregs - though we havent caught many flies yet this year ! last year you couldnt see the bottom of the bottles by this time ! 

  • Thanks Elaine,

    I won't be doing this again just yet, but will keep your comments/explanations for the future.

    Not sure they deal direct with public though.
    Contact Qld rep here  
    If anyone is able to buy a bilk lot, maybe BLF members can share.

  • It's probably because the url was truncated. Although both the urls that you and I posted look truncated but work. Roger it's more complex but more sure to hide the url behind a word. Like this.

    You highlight the words you want to use, then hit 'link' (in the navigation bar for the text input window). In the little window which appears, you get your words and a space for the url. Copy and paste the url and hit 'OK". THEN go back to your words, hit 'B' 'I' and 'U' to make the link stand out. Otherwise the link does not look like much once it is posted.

  • The company that will be marketing the trap is called AgNova. There is nothing about the Fruition product on their website yet.

  • I really hope this works and I can get it soon.  My male traps are working overtime, I didn't catch this many last year. 

  • Ooopsie Roger. That URL you posted above still doesn't work. I can't edit your posting myself or I would fix it. Only you can do that.

  • No worries Roger. We all need to be walked through these thing initially, including myself. Took me a year on the site to realise there was more info if I just scrolled down!!

    You can make the website info a link again if you want.

  • Thanks Lissa,

    I do need to be walked through these things. I hope I will get it right first time, soon.

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