New Fence New Options

I rather liked our old fence. It was really rustic looking and had timbers that reminded me of my grans place in Eltham Victoria- ancient as ever, a bit of intrigue and rough around the edges, yet still celebrating the life of a tree.

The birds would come and sit on the fence and look at me working the garden, waiting for a caterpillar to be turned up or a free feed from the fresh soil.

Sadly, the fence fell down and had to be replaced before the neighbours built a new granny flat out the back.

We resisted a 6 foot isolation wall and went for a fence we can still see over to exchange life commentaries if we choose. Rather than being a barrier between us it is an opportunity for more growing space.

We went for timber and now that we have a strong fence again, it's opened a world of possibilities. A new passionfruit Panama Gold of course- and our neighbour is looking forward to sharing a passionfruit harvest. The planting area has been laced with comfrey leaves to provide calcium and potash as well as nitrogen. I dug in composted old manure and compost from the bin. I expect to be sharing passionfruit within the year.

Our first crop of wing beans, grown up the fence , gave us a small harvest when the weather was warm. I love those little beauties and will be sowing more seed in late November. This time a scraping will help the seed to germinate before sowing.

Not only has the fence provided a new vertical growing space, we’ve utilised the old fence palings around the garden. The hardwood palings, have made planks for protecting the earth from compaction as I plant, and have created a bridge over the swale albeit a springy one that reminds me of the play equipment when i was at kinder a LONG time ago.

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  • An edible hedge would be great. I once wrote an article in the subtopropical gardening magazine about edible hedges and edges.
  • We have two fences to replace in the not-too-distant future (hopefully!) I only hope our experience is as opportunity opening as yours. I'm hoping we'll be able to build either a timber fence or put in a hedge of some sort.
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