My Seed Collection

Recently I purchased a very flash fisherman's tackle kit, with a carry strap and seven different trays for my seed collection.

I spent the better part of a day, transferring all the seeds from various locations around the house into small labelled bags and putting them in some order. At the moment I have the two small ones as herbs and flowers, one large one is my sharing stock and the other four are split between summer and winter vegetable seeds.

That believe it or not was the easy bit! I then decided to make a spreadsheet of all the different varieties with the information stored on each packet so that I could throw them away. A lot of them didn't have the latin name so I also spent a fair bit of time looking up latin names on the internet.

All up, at the moment I have over 110 varieties of seeds, and any that do well in our climate and produce seeds will be kept and localised. At this stage I am still trialling what I can grow successfully - basically if it produces anything the seeds get kept! This will be an ongoing thing, probably for the rest of my life but I am going to try very hard not to buy any other varieties (of things I already have of course) until I have used up what I have before they get too far out of date and the viability becomes too low.

Attached is the list of what I have currently to try in our climate. Please let me know if you are interested in giving any of them a go. Usually I have enough of any variety to at least give you a couple of seeds, and that way if you are successful you can save seeds and pass them back to me, or give them away to others.

Be aware in this list, when finishing it (although it is very much a work in progress and will be updated with more information as time permits) I took a bit of poetic licence with regards when to plant things. All year means all year EXCEPT our hottest summer months and even then I have trouble with a lot of things despite them being 'all year' according to most people including BOGI - but that could be just me ;)

Seed Collection.xls

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  • Hi Donna. I would love some seed, thank you. I've had a look at the site and can't see where the garden visits (members gardens?) might be listed. Can you give me a heads up on that one please? I love visiting other peoples gardens. Might be an idea to post them this time. I used to grow Luffa on the fence years ago for the sponges which I've used since I was 15 (40 years of Luffas lol). Still getting used to this site - there must be PM somewhere. Regards, Lissa
  • Lissa, both Angled and Smooth Luffa can be eaten when young but I believe that the Angled Luffa is more popular for eating. I have seeds if you are interested let me know, I am happy to post them to you if you aren't able to come to a Garden Visit - although I think it is more for spring/ summer planting though. I use it as an alternative to zucchini as they hate me and always get powdery mildew and blossom end rot (or something).

    That would be great Mark, I have rosella that I need to harvest at the moment but didn't look after them, tip prune or harvest earlier pods so there isn't as much as there should be. I will keep the strongest couple overwinter and see if I can get a perennial crop out of them next year - apparently you can in some climates?
  • Hi Donna. Very impressive. I didn't know we could eat Luffa - I've only ever used them as sponges. Is this a partitular variety for eating? I like the spreadsheet idea - I still have to start a diary of some sort to keep track of plantings etc. Information about planting times, fertilisers used, weather etc could be added to a spreadsheet to act as a diary.
  • Great stuff Donna we need seedsavers all over. I will put aside a heap of Rosella seed for you later this year I have sown, grown, and collected seed off this particular crop for three succesive years now and this year has been the best crop of rosellas to date.
  • The attachment opened in Neo Office - the Mac version of Open Office. I tweaked it a bit here and there and printed it out totalling 18 sheets. Yet to study it but first glance there's some seeds I'd love to have. Great job, Donna :-)
  • Interestingly, Ning spam filter didn't like something in the attachment and my profile was suspended overnight until they replied to an email and fixed it... can't see what it was, maybe one of the latin names? :) At some point I will take a few photos of my new kit and put them up too.
  • Well done Donna!!! I have attempted a spreadsheet for our media library... it got stuck as work in progress with no updates for years already ^^.... don't think I will attempt one for seeds any time soon... I am trying to stop buying seeds until I tested out everything I already have too... it's sooo hard though ^^
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