Looking like a productive summer.

Took some photos of some flowering fruit trees yesterday. Also have partially built a new growout quail cage with bedding and auto water cups.9779326673?profile=originalGrimal jabotacaba flowering.

9779328061?profile=originalHicks mulberry

9779327693?profile=originalBosworth lychee

9779329501?profile=originalLongan sprays9779331089?profile=originalWampie flowers

9779332088?profile=originalKiamana lychee9779332886?profile=originalPitanga flowers9779333475?profile=originalSabara jabo with tons of new growth9779334859?profile=originalSeeding canistel

9779336055?profile=originalPisang ceylon


9779337489?profile=originalStill a few oranges to go.

9779338094?profile=originalStarfruit always seem to be on these trees.

9779339076?profile=originalBroadleaf papaya.

9779339694?profile=originalRed mulberry

More pics in comments

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  • If ever we get back to be able to have GV's I am one of those lining up to visit your tropical world haven

  • Yes Cheryl there are so many subtropical fruits in the world. And I have all these trees jammed into a surprisingly small area to create a warmer micro climate.

  • I'm looking at your pictures and thinking "I have never heard of some of these let alone know what they taste like".  You must have quite a large area to farm

  • Lol Christa, I am up before 5am, all I can think about is coffee, then I go and check on the quail and do waters and food b4 I am off to work. The black sapote you can leave on the tree until they fall off. The calyx will slightly turn up and the fruit looses its shine then you can pick, once you see it you will recognise it. The pitanga is just a red one but my black pitanga is flowering as well. I actually picked 2 broadleaf papayas b4 I took the photo so I have picked 4 with a couple to go. In another 5 years I will have tons of fruit as 1/2 my trees havent fruited yet.

  • Wow, you can wake up in the morning and say what shall we dine on today.  Those red mulberries are fighting to get out and grow.  Don't let the birds eat them.   

    Doug, how long do you wait to pick black sapote?  I keep looking for clues, I was told the petals curl up when it's time to pick.

    When you say pitanga flowers, is that orange cherries?   You have done a neat job with the quail boxes.  You did better with your broadleaf papaya, we only had one fruit.  The wind got to that one.  

    It shows how much work you put in to get that fruit etc. well done.

  • Yeah Andrew the only cups that work well are the dine a chook ones made in germany. I am sick of cleaning waters at 5 am every morning and every arvo. They dont seem to be pooping in them either as they have to go on the mesh they dont hang around, they just drink and go back to the bedding. Can see how much more comfy they are. 

  • Fantastic. I could never get an auto waterer to work. As a plumber, I make a great cheese maker. 

    • 7603656854?profile=RESIZE_710xBlack sapote.


    7603747866?profile=RESIZE_710xNew cage, so high I need a ladder


    Auto water.


    Still 70 in the brooder ready to move to growouts.

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