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Preparing a meal from scratch.

A meal prepared from scratch is rather special or even unusual for many families when both parents are working, kids are to be taken to sport and its so easy to nip into the supermarket and buy something quick to pop into the microwave.

We find that it's more satisfying if the meal is made from home-grown food, nurtured from seed or seedling and protected from possums, heat and drought.

Why is it that a lettuce or cucumber picked from the garden and sliced for your salad seems so much more valuable than the one from the shops? Maybe because we all understand the effort that has gone into its creation
and are intimately linked to this piece of green that provides our sustenance.

If you have poor soil as most of us do in Brisbane, you’ll feel all the more appreciative. Coaxing healthy food from the depths of shale or clay is all the more challenging.

Sometimes we need a little help to connect us with the joy of growing and eating our own fresh food. Be generous and share your tips and traumas about growing food. You’ll be surprised how many people
will be interested.

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