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Compared to Brisbane, there aren't many gardening related workshops on offer at Bribie so I was keen to support this one run by Helen Schwencke at the local library yesterday.

Helen has put out a wonderful little book full of colour photos with a pic for each butterfly in adult, caterpillar and chrysalis stages called Create More Butterflies 

Available on her website Earthling Enterprises it's not cheap at $34 but worth it to have this terrific resource. 


Helen's talk was about providing host plants for the complete life cycle of the butterfly not just nectar plants for the adult.


Climbing Senna (Senna gaudichaudi)

Corky Milk Vine (Secamone elliptica)

Emu Foot (Cullen tenax)

Karamat (Hygrophila augustifolia) 

Love Flower (Pseuderanthemum variabile)

Mangrove Wax Flower Vine (Cynanchum carnosum)

Native Mulberry (Pipturus argenteus)

Thornless Caper (Capparis lucida)

Zig Zag Vine (elodorum leichardtii)

Finger Lime (Citrus australasica)

    +Citrus of any type

I didn't take copious notes, preferring to rely on the book and a few important pointers:

  • there are 360 known butterfly host plants
  • create water features/soaks
  • leave areas in your garden as natural as possible
  • interplant your garden with local and regional native plants 

Helen suggested the Queensland Naturalists Club for meet ups and outings. Sounds like a nudist meet up but it's about insects and the environment! Really :)

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