Last few weeks at Dougs

Been running around like a headless chook for the last week and a bit trying to get jobs done in the garden. On the weekend went and visited a fellow stfc member and took some date palm pups from his palms. Got a male and female medjool, a bisexual medjool and a bisexual honey barjee.9779318295?profile=original

The quail are feathering up. Collecting eggs to put anothr batch in tuesday night(so they hatch on a weekend).9779319666?profile=original

Pulled out some tumeric and ginger to freeze.9779319859?profile=original

Realised we have not bought any veges for a month!

Am harvesting nightly, lots of salads. Made a quail stew and beer battered trout on the weekend.9779320688?profile=original

The tomatoes are going gangbusters in the net house. Planted winter brasiccas out(kale,cabbage, cauli and brocoli)Still have more seedlings to plant out. My friends kids that are staying in my granny flat love fresh veges.9779321680?profile=original

Also had a visit from my physio that discovered I had moringa and wanted some cuttings and now some wants to buy some quail as well.

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  • What do your eggs weigh Andy? Mine are mainly 15g with the odd 14g one. I think these are Jumbos, am happy to give you some from the next hatch.

  • Wow. That's fantastic going. I'm still planning on going over to the Jumbos when I get the chance. 

  • We are eating quail twice a week so I am motivated to get more in the freezer. There are 60 in the brooder and just filled the incubator to go again. This time using two incubators at lockdown. Also have bought two 150W heat lamps with reflectors and thermostats for the brooder5791610270?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • LOL.  Yep.  I was just a crazy prepper. The first few weeks after Covid they all said "you must be happy. " um,  no!  A few months later and we are just mainstream now.  

  • Andy we have come to the understanding here that if it comes from the freezer its all good. Rachel likes eating them, just not looking at them freshly butchered in the fridge. Picked my first handful of madagascar beans grown from the one you gave me. Its funny so many more people seem to be talking to me about growing food, whereas before covid those people rolled their eyes at me.

  • I did laugh about the physio... and the kid with the carrot up his nose.  Doing well not to have bought veg. Doug. That trout looked good too.  I made a video today - it made me realise I need to "farmer-up" and knock my old quail and some spare males.  Life would be a lot easier if My Rozie would eat them too.   

  • Yeah Jeff they do get very tall, but that takes 20 to 30 years. The guy I got the pups off, his are only 1m from the ground to where the top leaves start and they are flowering already. I do have a space right on the western side of my block where they could go if they live.

  • Have a look at Date Palm Pollinator on dirty jobs seems if let date palm grow for a long time they can get very tall.

  • Christa, I think the palm with the flower spike is a male.  I think from flowers to picking is 5 or 6 months. The guy I visited picked about 20kg from one bunch that set fruit.

    I have the normal fish limits when spearfishing, that means I can keep 7 coral trout when we go up the reef. If I try to get 4 or 5kg fish that gives us fish for months. Plus we usually get some other fish (mackeral,parrotfish,cod etc)

    The problem with the potting mix from Steve is it is hard to hold together when the plants are repotted. Its so wet up there,they need very free draining mixture.

  • Those date palms are great for variety if you have the space, Is the palm on the left front a female, it looks like it has a flower at the base.  How long before the flowers turn into fruit. They cost heaps per kg in the shops.

    That trout sounds good, so hard to get fresh fish these days. Do you have the same catch limits when spear fishing. 

    Tomatoes look healthy with plenty of flowers. They'll be up the the top of the net house soon. 

    Ian made a plastic covered type of hot house for all my new plants from Cairns.  It looks like there is pumice stone in the potting mix (from Cairns).  I know where I can get some of that. 

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