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Kitchen Garden Gallery for January 2021

Outback kitchen garden maybe needs a trim.
I'm growing Vetiver amongst the vegetables. The greenery may warrant a cut back -- but I have healthy plants. No infestations. Jungle growth.

Choko/Chayote alleyVetiver clump every 1.5 metres.Green mulch is Scurvy Weed (Commelina cyanea/Australian native) . That too needs cutting back --actually pulling and dropping.There's a chook pen in there somewhere and a few papaya/paw paw. And lots of Dragon Fruit/Pitaya.Squash clambering through Katuk espalier.Milkcrate herb garden in foregroundChaya growing with Vetiver and Lemon GrassHopi corn. Plus legumes.I grant you: here things have got out of hand: overgrown a tad. But...Aerial criss-cross. Held up with harvested bamboo and long branches cut from last tree trims.Vetiver mulch and milk crates protecting pigeon pea seedlings from the poultry.
Vetiver is great in the chook pen.
Lauki/Bottle Gourd.It is remarkable how much a garden can be shade tolerant in our Summer and still produce to harvest. I use aerial lines to support climbers.Sunflowers + Corn _+ VetiverA favorite Squash coming on: Serpent Gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina)Glory behold.3 Sisters mix here. Actually 4 sisters with the sunflowers.Pumpkin hanging out. Vetiver mulch below.

There may seem far too much jungle but the irony is that growing like that it is closer to being self sustaining in way of micro-climating. Now that I have more Vetiver mulch I can plant the seedlings without fear of them so quickly over run by Scurvy Weed.

I love the Scurvy Weed, but if I don't get in there and drag and drop it as required, it gets far too busy. To do that maybe takes 15- 20 minutes per bed and I have three beds.

Working among the Scurvy weed makes me think I'm remaking 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'.

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