JABOTICABA - Myrciaria cauliflora

9779173078?profile=originalPlanted somewhere around Spring 2010 (Sept/Oct/Nov). The tree as it looks at 11.02.16.

This pretty little tree is the epitome of easy to grow, almost pest free, multiple fruiting sweet deliciousness in my book. I just love it.

It is a small leafed Jaboticaba bought from Daleys and planted maybe 5yrs ago.

Daleys now appear to have quite a few different varieties on offer including one with giant fruit! Check out their website: HERE

I mention the tree in a spring blog 2010 September to November, so it must have been planted around then. I planted a yellow one bought from the BOGI fair at the same time but it never grew and died a couple of years later. Root bound by the looks.

04.05.2011 Young tree.

04/05/11 Black Jaboticaba, choko (rt) and raspberry (left).

05.10.2013 Blurry shot of the first fruit forming. Perhaps three years from planting.

First Jobitcaba fruit :)

24.10.2013 first crop.


22.04.2014 second crop forming.

2nd ever Jaboticaba crop

16.10.2014....and picked.

Jaboticaba harvest


9779173476?profile=original17.01.2015 getting quite good crops.


27.09.15 New flowers forming.

9779146085?profile=original08.11.15 From flower to fruit approximately 5 weeks.

9779174289?profile=original14.11.15 Cropped.

9779147668?profile=original22.11.2015 making Shrub drink from the crop - RECIPE HERE.




11.02.16 New fruit forming immediately after last crop.

9779181465?profile=original02.03.16 Three weeks later those fruit are starting to colour up.


12.03.16 Four or five weeks from flower and a full basket of fruit. I've already eaten quite a lot during the week. They sweeten each day.



Much earlier than expected the plant is putting on flowers again. Could be a reaction to the unexpected warm weather up until about two weeks back.



Fruit forming from the blooms shown above AND new flowers. Incredible.


18.09.16 And the tree has already produced two small crops of sweet fruit.


24.09.16 And the tree is in full snowy bloom working on a bumper crop. I have trimmed back some of the outer branches which didn't have flowers on them so give a better view of developing fruit.


For the first time I have seen my honeybees pollinating the flowers. Bees in both photos.



16.10.16 Repeat cropping. Delicious.


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  • Isn't it odd/annoying how a plant will do well in one place and not another. This one obviously just loves where it's at and I am soooo grateful. I just love the look of that beautiful pearly black fruit clinging to the branches - mere weeks after blooming!! yet again!!.

    It's perfect in my book.

    Did you check out the Daleys plant with giant fruit (link at the top)?? Would love to give that one a go.

  • Yours looks wonderful Lissa.  Mine is currently sitting in a pot after almost dying in the ground.  I'm waiting to move some wicking beds and will place it there.  I hope it's not root bound.

  • I'm jumping backs and forwards between two browsers to post the blog. The net is behaving badly for me at the moment.

  • Thanks for the extra pics, they are great.Will ask Roger about his recipe for jam.

  • I know Roger makes jam from his. No doubt good for alcoholic drink base. I have used it to make Shrub (above pics) https://brisbanelocalfood.ning.com/photo/making-shrub (I can't add links at the moment so will post the URL). The best way to consume them is chilled - pop them in your mouth and swallow seed and flesh. I don't eat the tough rather tannic skin but I know others do.

  • Top of my list to buy from Daley's next order? You certainly have a lovely shaped tree. The fruit is an extra special bonus, how long did yours take to fruit? What can I do with the fruit besides eat fresh?

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