I'm BAack!

Well, well, well... !

After being extremely slack for a very long time on this site, I've found myself back due to the quality info on here. I've been researching 'Dyschoriste depressa' for the newsletter I write up regularly, and found that another member (Ann) had posted some pics of this dreaded weed we're currently doing battle with!

Although I've been away from the BLF community for quite some time, thoughts of wonderful members I've met are still uppermost in mind. We've still got two gorgeous old cockatiels formerly belonging to Lissa (the 'birdie boys', William and Bob) and I've been working on ways to get into my (edible) gardening a bit more...

Traditionally I've been a bit of a black thumb (and more interested in plants as habitat for birds and other wildlife, than anything else); but I know Jamie Durie started out that way, and studied Horticulture as an antidote...so I've been doing the same! Next week I should be one of the newest graduates of a Certificate 3 in Horticulture - through which I've learned how to install irrigation, among other things. That should combat my habitual negligence of watering!

I've also registered an ABN (not sure whether I'd already completed my Graduate Certificate in Environment/Education last time I was on here?) and am preparing for freelance work (a big change for me, after the tied-to-a-desk world of public service for almost 20 years!)

I'm sure you all have much more practical experience in the world of plants than I (although I do have the background... just needed a refresher!), so I'm sure I'll be back again to learn lots more from this wonderfully caring and sharing community!

PS. Over the next little while, I might post some of the pics I've taken in the intervening years...

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