Ok this blog will hopefully deliver info and tips on the wide range of possibilities and resources for gardening, agricultural endeavours and growing together.I’m going to start with a bit of historical background and will try not to get to bogged down in detail, please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors as I have a history based in dealing with dyslexia, but I also have an almost photographic memory for things I am passionate about.Agriculture well over 100 years ago was the domain of the peasant farmer.They had knowledge that stretched back through the ages, they did not have synthetic or non organic fertilisers, in fact the term fertiliser was not even coined until after the first world war.The wealth of a community was assessed by how much food they could provide and the size of the manure pile.The old farmers would tone (harmonically fix intent) and stir there barrels of water (vortexual enlivenment - quantum physics) adding small homeopathic amounts of humus to create a powerful highly beneficial soil balancing substance which would be sprinkled over the fields (this was where the idea for what would become Biodynamic’s came from).Without ingenious farming communities that understood the inner workings of nature, we would never have survived to this day in such great numbers.As I stated earlier the wealth of a farmer was measured by the size of the manure heap, this heap was collected and piled over winter along with the animal bedding to compost, and was spread over the fields(Europe) in spring after the winter freeze had retreated, the earth had finished breathing in (a term used in biodynamic agriculture). This breathing in was an extreme condensing and accumulation of the anaerobic beneficial microbial life. As the ground thawed this accumulated life force was extremely hungry for food, and so the composted manure and straw pile would be laid into the fields in the spring.At the closing quarter of the 18th century a chemist by the name of Liebig discovered that by adding acids to certain organic substances and then feeding plants with the now water soluble phosphate, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium etc the plants would grow very well, but he also suggested this form of manuring as it was still called, should never find its way into the food chain of humans!!!!!!!! Big money saw an opportunity.....Anyway the result was the coming of diseases as had never been seen before and the beginning of the idea of mineral supplements and the pharmaceuticals industry was also born. We know today that many health problems existed but the vast variety of cancers and other weird ailments did not.As we moved toward the present day practices farmers were tricked into believing the new practices were ok and perfectly safe, and eventually included such chemicals as DDT, agent orange, 245D, and many more, now as we know the insidious way the chemical structures of synthetics work is generational and it is the same with the soil and earth.The farmers started seeing problems they had never witnessed before in the form of weed infestations in there fields and problems in the birthing and deformities of offspring animals and families, and started asking questions.Rudolph Steiner suggested this way of food production would have severe impact on the general vitality and nervous structures of people by 1950, if something was not done, that was just at the turn of the 20th century.But unfortunately the companies that had created the synthetics in the first place where perfectly aware this new way of food production was not able to grow highly mineralized and vitality filled food and so as time went on they developed the vitamin and mineral supplements we now come to except as a normal part of daily life.When I was very small my grand father told me all things labelled first grade would eventually end, and a new first grade would take the coveted position as the best, how many times has this happened over our 8000 year history, how far down the scale is our 1st grade in the 21st century.I worked with a man by the name of Hugh Lovel from Louisiana USA several years ago. We are still collaborating, some of you may know the name, Hugh is considered by some to be the current guru of Biodynamic’s. While we were engaged in delivering some kind of future to the farmers to whom we were consulting with, we also experimented with several different aspects of Quantum Agriculture of which we had both been working and experimenting with, Hugh was already considered to be the head of the field in this area, and we utilised several different methods and tools to increase the viability of those farmers we were working with.Radionics was one tool I found to be very user friendly and cost effective, it cannot replace minerals and elements but it can increase plant access to what is already there. Radionics was brought to my attention through the works of Galen Heronomas in the sixties, who experimented with the essences, energies and vitality's of different substances, plants and animals.By raidionicly transmitting or broadcasting these treatments was able to bring about what could only be described as miracle reactions.Sustainability has become the catch cry of the hour!!!!!!!! Its being used every where even in areas for things that are obviously ridiculously unsustainable, oh well that's life I suppose. Sustainability in the garden or in the paddock means no mater what happens (bar serious injury or death) you will be able to keep producing. So this means limiting bought resources and developing local collections from resources like juice bars the pulp is the most excellent input for worm farms, newspaper and such like compost it, and add it after complete breakdown has occurred this will stop transference of nasty inks and chemicals hidden in the paper, meat and bone products can be dry heat cooked to create blood and bone supplement- important to generate major catin element inputs Calcium, magnesium, phosphorous nitrogen ect.Remember anything high in carbon is a greenhouse gas emitter during breakdown and also will use nitrogen to breakdown so added biological N is highly recommended. There is something like 70 kgs of N per cubic meter in the atmosphere, so its just about getting access to it. The easiest way to do this is to plant legumes into any crop you are looking to grow the legume is a host for nitrogen fixing bacteria, not a nitrogen fixer in its self as some people would have you believe, thus its one of natures fine examples of perfect synergy in action.More to come.........
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  • The soil's so black there! Amazing tomatoes wall ~
  • yes great vid :)
  • This is a link to an amaizing action happening in the USA urban agriculture / city farming is on the move perhaps we should take a leaf out of this chapter and create an Australian version.
    Follow the link post it into the search engen and check it out...........
  • Activated carbon - ie biologically active carbon. I think this is where it's at. It's all about chelation and quaternary structures - and probably why biodynamics consistently passes scientific field testing as making a significant difference (not to mention the common sense/ biological intuition factor).
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