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  • I have only made a trap for the male flies using an old plastic bottle with a wick inside to attract the males. This gives me an indication of when the flies are about, then I can either use a splash bait on nearby foliage, or as I have done more recently (with greater success), use exclusion nets to keep them out. I live in Park Ridge, so was very interested to see your photos. Things were growing very well at a time when we were still in drought. Your soil is very likely as poor as mine, sand over clay, over sandstone, so your decision to build up above ground beds and import soil, was a wise one. I have a lot more bush around my block and this hinders vege garden sites due to the shade that the eucalypts cast. 

  • I did make a couple of these traps to use with the Natures Way Fruit Fly Control. In the beginning I was good about replenishing the mix and then it got forgotten. When things get busy I forget this sort of repetitive pest control.

  • No Mark, I haven't tried that one but I might give it a go. I have some Blood & Bergamot Oranges that won't be long before they colour up and I would hate to lose them due to Fruit Fly.

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