Growing among friends with guilds

I don't know about you but i just LOVE bookshops. We didn't seem to have bookshops growing up in the country as a kid. I did venture into the newsagents after school on many occasions though. They seemed to have most things you could ever want in there, including books. I also love the variety on Amazon. I've just had delivered Robert Kourik's wonderful reference book 'Designing and Maintaining your edible landscape naturally.' It was out of print for many years and is never available in the libraries. I think people nick them because it's so good. Anyway, now I have my own. Ah joy!

Anyway, when I was last in the West End bookstore, I ventured out of the plants and gardening section into ‘relationships’, just for a change of scene. I dallied around books in the humorous, fictional and factual areas, books advising on growing and keeping a circle of girl fiends, boyfriends, lovers or others.

I got to thinking about the circle of others who may send us to insanity or bring us back from the brink. Friends protect, strengthen and help to create resilience in us. And so it is with plants. Building biological and physical associations into our garden planting is known as a guild. Garden guilds create strong and resilient plants. A favourite guild of mine is the combination of snow peas and Pigeon peas with chooks nearby. The pigeon peas give snow peas nitrogen and a living stake. The chooks give extra fertilisers and stop the caterpillars. They also thrive on the pigeon pea sprouted seedlings that pop up everywhere. I used to grind or sprout the pigeon pea seeds for the chooks too. A great protein feed for good eggs and happy hens. What's your good guild idea? I'd love to hear from you. See below the pic of the Chia Guild too....Such a happy combination.

I'll be running a mini 1 1/2 hour workshop on successful guild design at my place in Wishart this Thursday 14 October if you'd like to come along. Just $49 for a good time, great learning opportunity and a catch up with like-minded folks. Call me if you're interested 3349 2962 or email

Cheers, Linda

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