9779164867?profile=original9779165094?profile=originalThanks so much to everyone who turned up for the Garden Rescue. Though embarrassed by the state of disrepair, it was so good to have the help. A big thank you to Andy for organizing the event and to Roz for training such a caring husband. Thanks Roz for cleaning up my Herb Garden, Front Garden and Pots.

Susan did BLF proud by getting in and knowing just what had to be done, she told me (now this is the beginning and I now have till September to get it back to it's former self for the GV). What a lovely young gardener, her parents should be proud.

Rodger turned up trailer on the back, full of Forest Mulch and Horse Manure which went into the Vegetable Patch, thank you Roger you are a Gem, (we will have to get together to talk Container Growing)(sorry you couldn't stay for lunch). I can't wait to get those Seeds and Seedlings in. Graham and Darren added our Compost (Darren says good enough to eat) to the Vegetable Patch. Thanks Darren and Deb for becoming good friends, coming around on occasions to get me going and thinking about getting back into the garden, sharing Seeds, Plants, Cuttings and Ideas. 

Thanks Graham for Running around all day with me firing instructions from the kitchen, (I was banished to there after a fall, I am OK now).



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  • EXCELLENT.  Remember my motto - work is a four letter word. 

  • I won't, I sit down, do a bit, sit down, do a bit. I spend more time sitting than working...

  • As far as I am concerned, it's full and final repayment seeing you able to enjoy your yard again Dianne. .. but don't do too much!!!!!

  • Well Guys, I hope you will all be impressed with my progress in the garden over the last couple of weeks since you left.

    I have finished the area of the Kitchen Herb Garden except for the planting up of some new plants and seeds. I have turned over the soil as best I could and added Compost, Seamungus, Sudden Impact & Go Go Juice (to condition soil and increase Microbe activity (1st time using this).)

    I have Fertilized and added a mix of Old Horse Manure and Compost to all the Citrus and Other Fruit Trees and added Go Go Juice. My Strawberry Guava & Citrus Trees are covered in buds. Even my Custard Apple Tree has little baby fruit for the first time.

    The area that I grow the Tomatoes and Chillies in pots has be spruced up with new top ups of Coffee and Compost.

    Now for the Vegetable Garden it has been the biggest project and still not finished. Though I have turned it over a bit, removed all the old trellises (for the present). I have added Sudden Impact & Seamungus and will put the Go Go Juice on tomorrow.

    I have begun cleaning up the area where the Apples are being Espaliered up the archways (this will be a very slow process).

    A fellow next door has helped me to do some cutting back and the Palm Tree where the Possum lives has been cut back and cleaned up (the Possum didn't like it and ran up another tree in disgust).

    That's it. I am exhausted now telling you about it. I will send pics when I can ply Graham away from work (Poor lad he really is run off his feet). I still have a long way to go but thank you again for giving me the confidence to pull myself out of the state I was in and starting me off again with the "Garden Rescue'. Gardening & BLF really are good medicine.

  • How come I wasn't aware of this??

  • Well, I'm glad my face couldn't be identified.  You guys got to see me in all my unco-ordinated, sun safe garden wear that I hobble around in at home - no-one other than my husband and kids can say they've shared that horror :)

  • It was a pleasure being there as it always is at your place Dianne.It really is great when a bunch of like minded people get together especially us gardeners.

  • Privacy Laws don't allow us to show the face. It could be anyone.

  • Nice work.  I had one of Susan but I knew enough not to post that particular angle.  I may not be smart, but I ain't completely stoopid. 

  • Just put 2 pics on

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