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Have noticed that I’ve managed to post one blog each month in the past few months :) Yay~ Well, it’s time for another ~
I haven’t really got anything going at the moment growing wise, as anything that I’ve planted were either destroyed by the chooks, drown in the heavy rain, or stunned by the cold weather. Oh well ~
On the up side, we’ve been getting eggs, and occasionally paw paws and passionfruit! My mum reckons a couple of the largish paw paws have disappeared while still green… I don’t think we have possums here, but would fruit bats take whole green paw paws? Two of our chooks are laying now including the Araucana ~ although her eggs are not as blue as I hoped… especially her first few were a really ugly greenish cardboard colour ^^

First 'blue' egg on the left, and leghorn's egg on the right
First 'blue' egg on the left, and a leghorn's egg on the right

Passionfruit Harvest
Passionfruit Harvest

Our first producing Paw Paw tree
Our first producing Paw Paw tree

First flush of mushies
Got our first lot of mushrooms at the end of May, and had another lot last week...

We’ve got most of the sleepers laid in place waiting to be installed, as the ground’s not completely flat, we’ll need to do a bit of digging and levelling. The square garden beds for the Longan tree and avocado tree are built, but the Avocado tree is still in the pot. Instead the chicken coop’s sitting in its bed with birds netting and shade cloth surrounding it, hoping to confine the chooks (and their manure) to their place and stop destroying anything we planted including pot plants ~~ It hasn’t really been successful though as mum kept feeling sorry for them and let them out.. *sigh* Just discovered they ate all the yarrow (suspect) and Italian parsley today...

Future veggie beds

These beds are on the west side of the house where most of the available space are, and I am standing on the North side while taking this picture. Not the best aspect, but that’s what’s available. The avocado bed’s probably in a better position getting more morning sun and afternoon shade. The front yard get the best sun as it faces North, the lesson learnt here is when I get my own place, I’ll make sure that available space for veggie beds would be either on the North side or East side.

I think we’ll finish building four of the garden beds first before tackling the path surrounding the house so we can get something planted. Judging from my failure in raising seedlings and the weather maybe getting too cold to plant seeds, I might end up buying seedlings when the beds are completed… Can't wait to get some veggies in there!!

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Comment by Scarlett on July 13, 2009 at 13:45
I don't know where they're dying- I worried about that too, but haven't noticed anything nasty, and I even asked someone to check the roof space for me and they said there were no carcasses up there. I just put the poison on shelves (up out of reach of children) in the laundry and the shed. It comes in little feeder tray things.
Comment by christopher zane hart on June 22, 2009 at 17:41
We have had a lot of problems with friut bats getting at the paw paws ,part of the reason i gave up on them .
Comment by Florence on June 22, 2009 at 12:56
Every time I get time and motivation to get out there and do some work, it rains... *sigh* so it's progressing really slowly ...

I think it must be a couple of months from flower to ready-to-pick fruit.. I am not sure... I try not to pay too much attention as they tends to grow faster when you don't pay attention... :P or it's just the other way around, things seems to grow slowly when you are watching ~ I think I've seen those greenhouse seedling tray thing, do let us know how that goes ~

Many paw paw trees were planted around the same time, but this is the only one producing... it could be because it's near the outdoor tap and left over water from chook waterers, and cleaning of chook food dishes and water dishes gets emptied at the tree? It's got a huge root going into next door's soil which is higher then ours.. maybe their soil's richer too ^^ Other trees are not doing as well maybe we don't water and fertilise them enough...

Must be big rats to be able to steal paw paws... do you just chuck the rat poisons onto the roof? Would they die in the roof and give out rotten smells or there's tricks to it so they don't die nearby?
Comment by Scarlett on June 21, 2009 at 19:07
wow, looks great! :)
that blue egg is amazing
someone told me if they get eaten on the tree it's possums, and if they are taken away to be eaten it's rats.
our macadamia tree attracts the rats, and they play macadamia bowling games in our roof - i have to poison them periodically, the ratty cats next door can't keep up with them
our aspect is not ideal either - and we're losing sun as next door's gum tree gets bigger, but it just changes what grows well for you i reckon - you can still always grow something, especially if you can keep the water up to it
Comment by christopher zane hart on June 21, 2009 at 12:51
yes that is a nice looking paw paw , im told they like lots of compost - fertiliser & water , are you finding that??.
Comment by Donna on June 21, 2009 at 11:28
It's looking fantastic Florence - you must be really motivated! The paw paw tree has heaps of fruit, do you know how long it takes from flower to fruit?

I have got a row of something that I sowed direct about a week ago (forget what though - have to wait another couple of weeks to find out...) but found last winter that it was a struggle. I have a mini plastic seedraiser greenhouse thing that costs about $7 from bunnings and it has 4 x 8 seedling trays which is fantastic during this season but no good for summer!

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