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I was delighted this morning to find my first flowers on the Yuzu - citrus junos.

Native to China, the Yuzu has been used and cultivated in this region for thousands of years. The fruit is tart, resembling a grapefruit with mandarin overtones. It is rarely eaten as a fresh fruit but is used to makes sauces, preserves and a popular yuzu vinegar. In Korea thinly sliced fruits are combined with sugar and honey to make a thick marmalade like syrup. Yuzu kosho is a spicy Japanese sauce made from green or ripe yellow yuzu zest, chillis and salt.

The yuzu is more cold tolerant than most other citrus, being able to tolerate to -5 degrees

If anyone has any unusual Citrus, I am very keen to grow them, as apart from them being one of my favourite fruits, I am putting together a collection of rare Citrus.

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Comment by Dianne Caswell on September 24, 2016 at 11:05

Elaine, I do like to try my hand at making different kinds of foods. Also I find that Citrus has so many uses, for sauces, drinks, marinades, garnish, jams jellies etc and the list goes on.

Comment by Dianne Caswell on September 24, 2016 at 11:02

These are some of the Citrus commonly used in Sushi.  

Citrus commonly used in making Sushi: Lemon juice, Kabosu (green) juice & Yuzu zest. Adding a refreshing taste & bringing out the flavour in the fish.

Lime-like Kabosu is a juicy citrus fruit closely related to Yuzu. Its juice has the sharpness of lemon, and it is used instead of vinegar in some Japanese dishes. It grows on a flowering shrub or tree with sharp thorns. The fruit is harvested when still green, but if left to ripen it turns yellow.

mikan Mandarin Oranges, particularly the tart variety known as iyokan.

Yuzu citrus junos

Comment by Christa on September 24, 2016 at 10:25

Is this the one they use in sushi, Dianne?  I have seen it for sale and wondered about it.  There are no doubt more rare citrus available, but I do not know much about them other than the cumquats, etc.  Do you have the different types of native limes.

Comment by Elaine de Saxe on September 24, 2016 at 10:05

Sounds fascinating. My, you do go down some winding culinary paths, Dianne!

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