February 2021

Hi guys,

Well I’ve had a very productive weekend in my garden and feel wonderfully peaceful.  Because the rain has been so frequent for me, this summer has not seen the devestation that it normally experiences in summer because I can’t keep up with the watering.  Just look at this as an example.  I have tomatoes, cucamelon, chillis, capsicum, lemongrass and eggplant all here.  I also just planted some parsley seedlings (homegrown) and more of those beautiful zinnias.  

I was cleaning up my massively overgrown grape vine that was growing over my fence and covering my fruit trees out the back when I nearly got stung by wasps again.  Fortunately I saw them before they worked out it was me disturbing them.  


The other exciting thing was that I have my first fruit on mandarin from my mate’ “Jerry’S” house.  LOL. I am so glad for this blogs as I could go back to May 2017 and a) work out it’s been 4 years since I planted it and b) that it is paramatta sweets.


This was the post from back then :)


I got so much planting done.   I’m pushing my luck by trying some brassicas but the seeds germinated so fingers crossed they’ll do ok. 



I am still harvesting silver beet which is surprising.  While not as productive as during cooler months, they are still giving us a feed    I’m attributing it to the partial shade from my wild grape vine.  

This is surprising because I have not been able to harvest ANY cucumbers! They kept getting caterpillars all over them and aphids and would just give up the ghost.  I started 2 under a net about 4 weeks ago and who knows, maybe this is the secret.  So far they are looking amazingly healthy.  


Here is my beetroot that I preserved from the harvests while I was on school holidays 


And I harvested the longans.  1st decent harvest came in at around 2 kg


I’ve also planted some more flower seeds so hopefully they’ll come up and make my garden a bit more beautiful.  Dianne, I also ordered the wampee!! So I made a area for that to go when it arrives.   Well that’s it from me guys.  Happy gardening. 

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  • Yum well done :) My garden has been essentially left fallow this summer. Looking forward to milder weather :) 

  • Glad to see Summer has been good to you, it is always a blessing when you get decent rain, it usually just goes around us here, except when we are having a GV, though we were more than thankful for what we got. The Wampee is a good choice, it proved popular at our recent GV. Looks like you are going to have a bit of work ahead of you with your seed plantings. Love the Preserved Beetroot, a sure favourite here too, and not a Hamburger without Beetroot. 

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