End of October 2018

Hi folks,  hope you've all been enjoying the beautiful rain we've been having.  I've loved it but I lost another Paw Paw tree.  To be fair, they are really only supposed to live for about 3 yrs and mine has been going 5+.  You can see how old she was by the amount of stems that had regrown every time I cut her back.  Big lot of rain and over she went.  Most of the roots had started to rot out so it was only a matter of time.   


She didn't go to waste though.  All those straight stems and the extra space, why I could make a new garden area.  It did need to go though, I had a sheppard avo underneath that was struggling with the shade.  I've planted 3 rosella plants and a nastursium that I bought from the markets today.  I'm also going to put in some melons along here.  


So Christa,  thanks for the heads up about the subtropical angel peach being available.  After Dianne's garden visit, I went straight home and updated my latest order to include it.  I also got a China flat peach and an Issai kiwi berry.  The china flat will go to the farm but I planted the Issai and angel at home.


Speaking of peaches, they are ripening up nicely under their net.  I took the added precaution of putting down some old shade cloth under the tree as a couple of the earlier stung fruit had fallen on the ground and I didn't want any pupating fruit fly to come out of the ground INSIDE my net to sting my beautiful fruit.


I don't know if I should show this photo to Andy and Roger… My pomegranate is just LOADED with flowers and more keep coming.   It is such a gorgeous tree.  Now it's just a matter of seeing how many set this year.  I got 3 last year (first year it fruited)


My Mangoes are doing great.  I lost a lot of the lower fruit to Anthracnose - they just went black and rotted off but my top fruit seems to have set ok.  As an added precaution, I sprayed the tree with OCP bicarb and oil. 


I also think I'm going to get heaps of lychees and macadamia's this year.  When you see 2 little balls joined together, you know you have fruit set on the lychee and EVERY flower spike bar one or two have set many of these.  Also, my little dwf macca set its first fruit last year (I only got 3) but this year = soooo many.  For a little tree that only comes up to my waist, that's impressive!


Onto the vegie patch now.  Well I've not been able to get corn to germinate (jealous of you sid!) and my little cockie problem is back so they are hoeing into my seedlings as I plant them.  Also, my glorious tomato patch succumbed to fruit fly so no toms at the moment until my next batch start ripening.  This lot has cucamelons, capsicums and toms in it.  Because it gets partial shade, I'm reluctant to net the toms and caps until they start producing fruit.  


My last  lot of brassica's are surviving the heat under their net and I also planted some Salanova lettuces.  They are FANTASTIC!!  Baby leaf but stronger in texture than what your baby baby leafs would be.  They are the latest in breeding and when I saw them in Bunnings, I couldn’t resist giving them a shot.  I just harvested the stuff on the right, the stuff on the top was harvested 1.5 weeks ago.


The Trombonccino is doing great against the fence.  I have started to harvest the male flowers again for stuffed zucchini flowers which I have missed dreadfully over winter.  


Lastly,  I have to thank Christa for her beautiful Daisy cuttings she gave me at the beginning of the year.  Just look at how gorgeous they look in my flower garden.


Well that's it for me folks.  I have been enjoying the weather lately and am trying to get as much done in my garden before the true heat of summer hits.   Just a reminder to prune your Mulberries and stone fruit when they finish fruiting as per Phil Dudman.  I did my mulberry this weekend and hope to get another flush of fruit off it.  I will be cutting back my stone fruit this year too.  Happy gardening guys. 

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  • I did give my corn a little help to be transparent - every day, just to try and give it the best chance I gave it a quick shake and shoved some of the stamen (?) onto the hair strands haha.

    It turns out my potatoes were killed prematurely by rain also! My one successful potato is now extra close to my heart. 

  • Jeff - awww man.  Mine died off and I thought they were ready to harvest!  

    Susan - I do have flowers on one pomegranate but most are falling off, by the looks.  I am doing well with Zucchs and also your trombon. is producing.  The feijoa is flowering madly and being visited by bees but I'm not confident I'll get fruit.  BIG NEWS! I have figs!  Well, only 5 but I'm happy with that.  

  • The rain killed off my potatoes .

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