Dianne's 1st Day back into the Garden

Here are some photos of how the garden is looking at the moment.


Dianne's first day in the garden. Not a very flattering photos. But this is me after 8 weeks in hospital.

9779338895?profile=originalTropical Cherry and Pink Guava are doing well


A little hard to see but this is my newest area where I have planted a front row of assorted Citrus of which I am turning into standards. Behind them is a row of assorted Citrus I am turning into a Hedge. All are needing a haircut.


This is my Fig Forest planted August 2017. Can anyone tell me when I should Prune them?

More photos will be added as I work through other parts of the garden.

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  • Welcome back Dianne. Your garden looks so lush and tidy.
    Currently the self-seeded Marigold flowers are everywhere in my garden. I love them.
  • Where did you get the gloves and overalls from Dianne?? They are just so cute and with winter coming, it’d be nice to have something warm and practical to chuck on. 

  • I am loving getting my garden back to how it should look after months of neglect while I was feeling sorry for myself, but I am feeling great after my op. I am now using the challenge of getting everything done so I can plant a few more flowers for my Native Bees.

  • O h my goodness! The garden looks fabulous. No a weed in sight. Gardening is very therapeutic. 

  • You just cant keep some people out of the garden folks can you .This lady is one well oiled machine and a beaut one at that.`

  • I love your gloves Dianne!  For a woman who has been hospital ridden for two months, you look fantastic.  I'm so happy to see you are able to visit the garden again.  

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