Coriander conundrum

This year, I had a REALLY good crop of Coriander. Planted in the shade of a pawpaw tree in early April, it grew and thrived for months giving us lots of luscious leaves, and then as the weather heated up and the pawpaw tree got removed, it went to seed, as was to be expected. The plants grew taller than me (ie quite tall), and were covered in flowers and then 'seeds', and I was looking forward to a good crop of coriander seed - but that was not to be. All the little round seed capsules were empty. Now, my garden has LOTS of flowers - Queen Anne's Lace, Alyssum, Zinnia, Pentas etc etc, so lots of pollinator attractants, and I always have honey bees, native stingless bees, flies, hoverflies, etc.. Does anyone know what caused the abysmal seed production? I have collected viable seed of coriander in past years, though never from such huge bushes.

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  • I know that there are coriander seeds bred for leaves -- as in slow bolt -- and others bred for seed production simply through a process of  seed selection. If you want seeds, I'd plant the coriander you are sold as a spice.

    My problem is that I harvest mine from early on and they seldom make it to the seed stage in one season.

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