Cluckingham Palace

Finally finished renovating the old chook shed. The first new ladies have moved in. We have named them Queenie, Princess, Duchess and Lady. They will eventually have the run of the orchard once they have settled in. Hopeful soon have some "real" eggs. Also got two chicks, Buffy and Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam) for our granddaughter to grow up with.

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  • Any bush turkeys in your area there one dumb bird.

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  • Added 2 turkey poults to the flock, called Pickers & Wolfman Jack after 2 coppers I worked with in WA. They have settled in well with the hens. Built a coop for the two chicks that will eventually used to house some quail once the chicks go into the main pen. Liz wants to get some guinea fowl. A friend should have some hatched soon. A rooster is under consideration.

    I got up this morning, put the kettle and let the ladies out.
    They were chatting to themselves, I don't know what about.
    And finally out of the coop, came Pickers and Wolfman Jack.
    They are usually a bit more reserved, always holding back.
    They came out the door, with the ladies giving them looks.
    And saying to themselves, gawd they're ugly chooks

  • your design and building is better than ours - 34639323?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024this is what you do when the chook pen collapses and the chook tractor does somersaults in the storm - you bring them into the house and let them run free for 24 hours while you temporarily fix their home - the chooks were in the pen you can jus see the wooden door of in the left ! 

  • I believe the black chick is a Black Australorp so it should stay black. According to the Logan Council website we can have up to 3 roosters for our size property without approval. Undecided if to get one, the girls (human type) are not keen I haven't asked the other girls yet.

  • Love the Palace, very professional. Just love those little Chicks, especially he black, will it stay black and are you in an area where you can have rooters?

  • Cluckingham Palace, how appropriate.  Now you will definitely need a guard at the gate. The problem  with pythons, is that they have a feed and then can't squeeze their way out.

  • The snake "Monty" was living in my workshop for a while in winter. S/he moved out when I started using my machinery. About 2 metres long. We found a discarded skin that was much longer near the house. Liz held the tail above her head and it still touched the ground. Liz is 6' tall. They can stay as long as they leave my chickens and little dog alone.

  • Palace it is - might get some ideas for renovating our chook house if I can find all the pieces own the hill! Chooks will love their new place and yes hopefully you will get eggs soon ! what great mulch for the garden all that straw will be soon as well ! 

  • Beautiful chook run Clive :) I know a few chooks called Betty now lol. Seems to be a popular name.

    Is the snake living nearby? One of the now half grown chicks I helped rear here at current house sit has disappeared and I have suspicion she was taken by a snake.

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