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The contents of the new you-beaut ring-pull cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk seemed to me to be a bit runnier than in the old types, so I had a look on the side of the can. to see if they'd changed the concentration. Well, no indication as to whether they had or they hadn't, but what I did see was 'MADE IN MEXICO". Had a bit of a fossick around on the web to see if I could find evaporated milk made in Australia, but all I could find was stuff made in Lithuania. Surely we can do better than that? It horrifies me to see that this milk travels halfway round the globe when we have (or is that had??) a perfectly good dairy industry here.

Has anyone been able to find evaporated milk 'Made in Australia'? There is some indication that Woolies used to carry some in 375ml tins, but their current product is the 385ml tin from Lithuania.

Looks like I'll be making my own evaporated milk from now on!

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  • I love that you succeeded Barb.  Great work. 

  • Looks like the slow cooker is a winner for making the evaporated milk. About 12 hours were needed, and I got 1.25 litres. Cost was $4 for a 2litre bottle of Norco F/C milk, so per litre cost was $3.33. (A bit more, I suppose for electricity). This compares with $1.99 for a 340ml can of Carnation at Woolies, which is roughly $6 /litre. I would have been happy if the cost to me was round about or even a bit more than the bought stuff, so having it come out cheaper was a good outcome indeed. There was still some waste skimmed of the top, so it's a pity I don't have chooks.

  • There is a risk of burning it without the lid.  However, I reckon, you'd get a few hours at least between checks. 

  • Actually, slow cooker with no lid might just be the best option - particularly as I probably wouldn't need to be there the whole time. 

  • I think the electric fry pan is too inconsistent - it goes real fast and then stops.  Real fast and stop.  I reckon you're on the money with the low gas in a saucepan.  I also wonder if a slow cooker with no lid would work?

  • Well, I finally got around to making homemade evaporated milk. 

    I used two methods -the easy-peasy quick'n'dirty "add powdered full cream milk to fullcream milk" method, and the slower one of actually evaporating the water off full cream milk. I used my big electric fry-pan for this.

    Success was mixed.

    Method 1 - the resultant product, when used in coffee, tasted as if I'd added powdered milk to my coffee - surprise, surprise!

    Method 2 - the product tasted good, though I could have evaporated off a bit more water. However, there was a lot of wastage - milk solids stuck to the bottom of the frypan, and more solids skimmed off the top. OK if you've got chooks, I guess. I'll give it another go, at a lower temperature next time, as I think I may have been a bit impatient. It may also be that the frypan isn't the right pot to use - a low heat on the gas stove might be better.

    At this stage, I'll keep experimenting - I think it'll be worth it in the end.

  • That's quite a website, Christa.

  • Looks like no aussie evaporated milk left.  The foreign ones creep in without us knowing.  There is a website HERE where I type in top left corner -country Australia and whatever food  product you would like to know about.  It gives me some info, nutrition etc but not who owns the company. Good luck.

  • Totally agree. I've been reading labels lately, and lots of them say 'made in Australia from less than (some small number) % Australian ingredients'. For that reason, I've been making my own stuff (jams, cordials, preserved fruit) from locally sourced fruit. And I don't buy anything from Golden Circle any more.

  • Be careful buying Australian because it may not be very Australian  as have a look at strawberry jam  as the only Australian ingredient is the sugar  and canned pineapple that has imported  juice concentrate added .

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