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Bne Seed Saver Newsletter 02.pdfI hope this email finds everyone well. Welcome to the second edition of the Brisbane Seed Savers Newsletter.Please feel free to reply with any requests for content or contributions for this newsletter. Always remember, this is a specialised local group who are all interested in not only saving seed but growing our own food, so anything that you find interesting or helpful will likely assist other members too.Brisbane Local Food - Growers Exchange - gardening…Donna McCallumCo-OrdinatorBrisbane Seed Savers
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  • Great Anthony, I will be sending out a reminder to all members the week before the first 'meet' and will encourage everyone to bring along their seeds to swap. I have managed to get ahold of excess bunching onions and potted them up - depending on how many of the 10 members show everyone should be able to take one home.
  • Ok folks I have open pollinated organic seed for parsley, beefheart toms, zucchinis, coriander, capsicums, basil, Rocket, Snow peas, leeks and cabbage.................
    interested in trading
  • I got my Tommy Toe from Bunnings :) It wasn't bearing prolifically, but it was alive and gave a few ripe fruits a week all through winter... maybe I'll need to grow more then one...?

    I've saved a few seeds, but maybe it's the soil or I didn't water it enough, they all died.. I am sure there's volunteers growing somewhere as my mum have a habit of burying fallen fruits everywhere.... I let her do it over winter, but have asked her not to as the weather's warmed up to fruitflies season...

    I WAS planning to sew some fruit protection bags over winter.... but that didn't happen...
  • yes, same - i just pulled half my tomatoes out, even though they are still bearing prolifically: the fruit fly is getting too out of control. I'll have to buy some traps/ lures, or maybe net them
    interestingly I found some tommy toe, roma and beefheart (as per the photo in the BLF header - hardly any seeds, mostly flesh) seedlings in bunnings - someone is cracking the home gardener varieties seedling market it seems. very pleasing - much better for conserving biodiversity, although probably lots of people never save the seeds. i'm going to save some tommy toes i think. i'm going to put some roma in too - they were quite resistant last time i grew them, they stood up really well
    maybe we just need to plant new plants each month? seems like a big waste...
    i'm going to get some lures and things, that should help - and yes, I agree, the local varieties often pay big dividends - i was just really keen to try the best tasting one :)
    yes it was totally delicious - a little thick skinned maybe...that beefheart looks marvellous...
    fried green tomatoes..?
  • Scarlett, I have just been trying Black Russian and Brandywine - I had early good results but now everything is totally sick and will probably be removed. My next mission is to try a couple from Green Harvest that are supposed to be good for our humid (and very wet sometimes - splitting is bad) climate. The remainder of this season I will probably try to stick to the small cherry/ truss types as they are supposed to be good - and not red ones. It is such a shame, my Green Zebra was fantastic - for about a month - never mind, I will keep trying...
  • I agree chatroomss is certainly 'different' to the norm - but probably the way of the future :( I will certainly put it in events, everyone is welcome, the more the merrier!
  • D, maybe you should put the seed saving meet in the events calendar? You can invite people specifically and it has an RSVP facility which is handy. Plus then more people will see it on the main page. BTW I'll put it in my calendar, and I think Roma St is an inspired choice for where to have it :)
    Easy and central, great for kids, and a beautiful place to be - hooray!
    I'm looking forward to meeting you (and the others) in person. This internet business is weird! :)
  • looks great Donna - I love the photos
    I want to grow a beefheart style tomato - minimal seeds...I'll keep an eye out
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