Back to the garden

Hi everyone, 

Well it's been a while.  I have slowly been getting back into the garden since I broke my leg and am tackling the jobs 1 by 1.


 Luckily for me that while my husband has no initiative of his own to do any gardening chores, I can point him at the big jobs and he's happy to look after me that way.   While I'm now walking, gardening is slow and painful and I can't Carry anything heavy so between my husband and kids, I've managed to start the garden. 

Today, I repotted strawberry runners and replanted the best of my mother plants into a garden bed that doesn't ever have much growing in it.  

My bishop crown capsicums are still pumping out fruit.  I turn these into chilli jam and use them in a capsicum sauce for meatloaf. 


The pumpkin out the back regrew and tthe council hasn't yet ripped out my back garden so it is wild out there.  Between that and the surviving farm pumpkins after the flood, I think we'll have pumpkins for a year which was my goal this year to not have to buy them. 


Choko's are also an awesome producer this year.  I made a mock apple pie and we have been eating stuffed choko for dinner regularly. I also made a potato bake with these guys in them as well that everyone loved.  

The ginger has also been amazing! I harvested some last week for the chilli jam and the rhizomes are huge, fat and healthy. 

Citrus look like they'll be starting soon.  Mandarins and grapefruit should be ready by the end of the month. 

Lots of pruning and mulching is on your the cards for the next few weeks but who knows when I'll get to it.  My middle daughter moved out yesterday so we've been busy sorting her out and cleaning out her room so I'll need to give hubby a day off or so before I put him to task with the outside stuff. 

that's it from me guys, hope to see you soon. 

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  • Sorry to hear tht you've not been well Dianne - hope you are on the mend and I'll see you Sunday.  Yeah Christa, I broke my ankle middle of January (Running in a forest and tripped on a rock :P )  so was completely non-weight bearing for 6 weeks, moon boot for 1.5 weeks and now I'm slowly working on getting the strength and flexibility back in my ankle.  Thanks Andy and Barb.  I'm so pleased with the pumpkins because we do eat a lot of them and they are really nice tasting. 

  • Hi susan, Pleased to see you back on BLF and in the Garden. You have certainly done well to get so much done under the circumstances. So sorry to hear about your broken leg, it is a blessing when you have a good husband & family to help you out. I wouldn't have been abl;e to do much after my hospital stay, had 3 ops in 3 weeks due to a horrible blood infection, and there's a 24cm scare to remind me of it. Enough of me. Hope to see you in the coming months. Cheers.

  • Good to see you back!  Glad you are slowly getting back on your feet. You sure did well with the pumpkins.  

  • Whoa!!  what a bummer, did you break your ankle.  I've lost count of the leg bones that I've broken over the years.  Life is harder for you, especially doing gardening, I found it easier to use a slide walker frame while gardening, you can attach a bag with your secateurs etc.  I could lean into it.  Good luck with the healing Susan.

    Everything is looking good, pumpkins for a year, thats a challenge they have been expensive lately.

  • Can't keep a good woman down. Sorry to hear about the broken leg, but it looks as if you haven't let it get in the way of awesome production. Hope you are all better soon.

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